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HTC Bravo pics appear

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  1. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Or is it from 3 years in the future. Wooohooohoooohooo

  2. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Well jump in the Delorean and kick the pig up to 88.
  3. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Outside of Engadget and Droid Developer talking about the Incredible (which I'll now bet is the Verizon version of the Bravo)? No. Thats why I wish I could see the back, are there 2 holes near the camera like Droid Developer reported about the Incredible?
  4. Kuga

    Kuga Active Member

    I <3 physical buttons AND the optical trackpad.
    Not to mention the black on black as opposed to the icky N1 colors.
    Sense 2.1 is just icing on the cake.

    I am praying to the phone gods that VZW lands this superphone in the next couple o' months.
  5. cdmta

    cdmta Well-Known Member

    Touched-up pic to see buttons. me lickey


    2 questions:
    -there is a spot in the middle of the trackpad. is there a notification light in there?
    -is this trackpad clickable?
    don't suppose anyone has any experience with an htc trackpad-this is a new improvement, correct? just looking for guesses then.
  6. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    My guess is the space in the middle of the trackpad is the window for the laser/light (like an optical mouse) assuming their optical setup is the same as blackberry's.
  7. quietstorm55

    quietstorm55 New Member

    I'm assuming the same and guessing that it will be clickable since 1. phones with trackballs are clickable and 2. they added some kind of round metal housing around the optical window which i'm guessing is actually a button. Just my 2 cents ;)
  8. quietstorm55

    quietstorm55 New Member

    I forgot to mention that the added round metal around the optical window was added from the mock-up photos we all saw from that t-mobile brochure. Don't want ppl thinkin i had prior knowledge about anything.
  9. acjei

    acjei Well-Known Member

    ooooshiiiiiiiiiiiett....dam....looks like i wont be coppin a N1....ima have to wait for this bad boy...if it comes to the US *crosses fingers*
  10. FreshPrince

    FreshPrince Well-Known Member

    If/when it comes to the US, who knows what carrier it'll be on. Plus that's probably about April or so. I'd go with a Nexus One now if you can afford it, because the resell value is crazy on eBay. If the Bravo goes AT&T or T-Mobile and it's 2.1 working perfectly with Sense UI like it's supposed to be, then that's the route I'll go: sell N1, cop this.
  11. Reginald VelJohnson

    Reginald VelJohnson Well-Known Member

    It appears that this is the phone I've been waiting for. Come on Verizon, don't let me down! One thing I don't get though, is why they keep saddling these devices with such a small amount of RAM. Memory is CHEAP these days, why not jack it up to 1 GB+?
  12. SoCalMiles

    SoCalMiles Well-Known Member

    Man!!!! Something needs to hit verizon soon...i mean i'm loving this droid but i want my keyboardless porsche!!!!!lmao!!!!
  13. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Well-Known Member

    What's up SoCalMiles? Haven't seen ya in awhile. Hope your new year is going well. We're all thinking that Verizon is coming out with the Droid Incredible soon and it is going to be the U.S. version of the Bravo. I'm almost 100% about it now. There is just too much evidence saying that the Bravo will be the incredible and after reading this little article Droid Developer Verizon has something &#8220;INCREDIBLE&#8221; up their sleeves.. I'm pretty much convinced that Bravo=Incredible. So, we're all just waiting now. I'll wait as long as I have to really.
  14. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

  15. SoCalMiles

    SoCalMiles Well-Known Member

  16. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Well-Known Member

    Stupid question, but how will you update if it is outside of the 30 day period, just buy at full retail price or do most people have another family line eligible for an upgrade?
  17. Supraman21

    Supraman21 Well-Known Member

    Im actually dissapointed in the final design. It just doesnt look as clean and simple as the old render. I really dont like how the screen has layers of plastic surrounding it, its not seamless like the iPhone and Nexus one. Really the cosmetics of the phone and low ram are a deal breaker. This year is gonna be crazy will new cellphones with badass specs coming left to right so im not worrying to much. Heres the old pic so I can show you the differences and you can see my point about the around and below the screen. It just looks cheap to me.
  18. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    It looks like the roadmap pictures, not like the render. I always noticed how the render was missing some of those cosmetics that you just mentioned. I believe the render was an early design while the pictures in the roadmap were more matured. IMHO I like the style with the layers of plastic.
  19. Mandrew

    Mandrew Well-Known Member

    i want that
  20. SoCalMiles

    SoCalMiles Well-Known Member

    I have a family plan for me and my girl friend with 3 lines on it. The third was from her friend from over 2 years ago but that didn't work out. I was gonna cancel but then I decided that 10 bucks a month for another upgrade a year might not be that bad soo...I got a Droid now...when the snapdragon keyboard-less monster gets to Verizon..I'll get that and kick the droid to her (she likes it better and processors don't mean much to her!)
  21. aleksander

    aleksander Well-Known Member

    it looks awesome but wonder wut's under the hood.
  22. bottlecap

    bottlecap Well-Known Member

    There's a cream your doctor can prescribe for that.
  23. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    Wow. Those pics that came out are FUGLY! Way worse looking than the initial photoshop rendering. IMO, it's too blocky. I liked the thin sleek design of the photoshop render, but the real "in-th-wild" shot is just plain hideous.
  24. vzw+google+htc=:)

    vzw+google+htc=:) Well-Known Member

    Has anybody tried to figure out the model number on this phone? The left side of the screen looks like HT9BRPL00100..... The droid Eris was PB00100 and I was just trying to get people to think what PL00100 would be. There might be another digit behind the messages icon. I tried changing the HT to NB for the FCC site but no luck.
  25. Isnt this the phone that was supposed to be out this month? Gotta love all the fanboys and their idiotic claims :rolleyes:

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