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  1. crucifixion

    crucifixion Well-Known Member

    Well, when I had the Droid for 2 weeks, I started to realize how much I missed the little things of BB. I use the Storm for work as well, so I have Corporate Email, and its just little things about the email integration and espeically calendar integration. All the calendar widgets on Android sucked and really weren't what I needed. Had the Droid been keyboard less, I could have lived with the weaker email/calendar usage (and lack of task syncing) and stuff, but I found that I got to a point where I stopped using the keyboard and it just felt like I had unecessary hardware. Thats why I'm going to jump on this phone (if it even exists)

  2. tdub88

    tdub88 Well-Known Member

    Even if it's this?

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  3. thenoseknows

    thenoseknows Well-Known Member

    That thing is hideous, even if it had a 2 GHz dual core snapdragon processor, Android 4.0, washed your dishes and did your laundry for you, I would still not get it....although the laundry and dishes features would make me rub my chin and contemplate for a few seconds....
  4. crucifixion

    crucifixion Well-Known Member

    Is that the Motorola Zepplin? if thats 2.0 from Verizon then I dont see why not.
  5. eipee73

    eipee73 Well-Known Member

    In this case I'd have to buy 2 phones and start a family plan...a Bravo or N1 for my phone usage and this POS for my laundry and would make life so much nicer haha totally worth 9.99 a month :)
  6. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Well-Known Member

    No joke! If I wanted to buy the Sidekick, I would have had a contract with T-Mobile 3yrs ago and would have bought one!
  7. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    updated first post
  8. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    no cuz that's supposedly only android 1.5 and the carrier isn't for sure VZW.
  9. tdub88

    tdub88 Well-Known Member

    Well that's o.k. cuz, even though the specs are in question, I picked this to display because of the atrocious, gaudiness of the phone. :rolleyes:

    It helps make the point how frustrated(desperate) we all are for a Bravo style phone from VZW.
  10. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

    Newsradio, I hope you do chose to still share whatever information you come across with the forum. I am excited for what ever news you have tomorrow, any news is better than nothing :) Just keeps my interest growing.
  11. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    And the above advice comes to you from the same guy who guaranteed that there would be a big announcement that the Bravo would be out before February. Yep, all those sheep followed him for 20+ pages. What a crock!
  12. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Well-Known Member

    Alrighty, it's Thursday..........I'm waiting.......
  13. JMKosmo

    JMKosmo Well-Known Member

    They use metric in Europe. SO, he might mean around Saturday with the U.S. conversion. j/k
  14. Anonimac

    Anonimac Your mom goes to college. VIP Member

    I too am waiting with bated breath...:D

    Alright, so off the wall thought here...(and hopefully something that gets us back to "theories")...

    Any chance the Incredible could be a Tegra based phone? There's all that talk about 720p, Divx/Xvid, etc... That's not to say that Snapdragon isn't just as capable at handling those things but i wonder if the Incredible is HTC's foray into the nVidia camp and it's what Verizon plans to be the differentiator between it and the Bravo/Passion/("Nexus One") phone...thoughts?
  15. foush

    foush Active Member

    Could the news be related to a Superbowl ad? 100 million viewers is quite a crowd.
  16. Iowagriz

    Iowagriz Member

  17. Anonimac

    Anonimac Your mom goes to college. VIP Member

  18. BradGfromBoo

    BradGfromBoo Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking this same exact thing. You dont see much advertising from HTC though. Nothing close the the advertising by Motorola for their Droid. On second thought... I see a second wave of Droid ads getting pushed on superbowl sunday.
  19. Iowagriz

    Iowagriz Member

    Apologies, I forgot this was HTC focused, but figured this group to be the most plugged in on new code names.

    Patiently waiting, researching for my next phone. My Envy1 is good for texting, but the 1"x1.5" screen isn't cutting it for the web.
  20. You may want to hold off the bravo,new roadmap suggests 5-8 new android phones,awaiting email.ill post it as soon as I get it,but I'm sure I'm still going for the bravo
  21. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Well-Known Member

    What did you find out about the Bravo, is it what you thought it was?
  22. Ghâshûl

    Ghâshûl Well-Known Member

    You could wait forever just playing the waiting game. The Bravo will definitely satisfy my needs, for now.
  23. crucifixion

    crucifixion Well-Known Member

    Does you email have pictures of these other phones? And any carrier info as well?
  24. Anonimac

    Anonimac Your mom goes to college. VIP Member

    This could be your redemption newsradio...

    or you could become this Radio if nothing comes out of this either...

    Lets hope it's the former.
  25. rosend99

    rosend99 Well-Known Member

    I am new to this forum but I have been reading it for months, I currently am using a $hitty LG VOYAGER, i can wait to get a BRAVO or INCREDIBLE or any other phone with the capabilities that these phones are supposed to offer. I have been reading about the N1 getting dust under the screen, a major turn off. I think that you guys are extremely entertaining. The only people who really know what’s going on is GOOGLE, HTC and VERIZON VPs and PRESIDENTS in my opinion.
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