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HTC ChaCha Internal memoryTips

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  1. KaRaan25

    KaRaan25 Member

    Hi to all.
    I'd like to trade my milestone for a ChaCha because I'm pissed off on my 133mb internal memory which is not enough and makes my phone work like crap.
    I've looked on the internet to see how much of internal memory the ChaCha has, but all I can find is 512 ROM, 512 RAM - I'd like to read xMB storage.
    Can anyone tell me the internal storage memory of this device? PLEASE?

  2. pitu_xque

    pitu_xque New Member

    For that, 512MB of internal memory, but between the operating system and applications that are installed will remain little more than 100MB to install applications. I am the same, but always clean the cache and all the garbage left by the application SUPERBOX applications. And I have about 43MB free.
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  3. KaRaan25

    KaRaan25 Member

    Thanks alot! Well... still it's more than the 133mb on my Milestone :)
  4. redia

    redia Active Member

    But it won't be enought. Just few google maps updates and no more memory
  5. pspbricker

    pspbricker Well-Known Member

    The 100MB storage is what cripples this device. If you have a large number of contacts, and Facebook friends, that will swallow up 30MB of the 100MB available. Continual updates to Google maps meant that I had about 20MB left, and was unable to install new apps. I regret buying the ChaCha - love the form factor but can't understand why Android devices continue to be produced with such a pitiful amount of storage. :mad:
  6. redia

    redia Active Member

    Same thing with my outlook exchange server
    Totally agree with you. And there is no way to move the updates in "ROM" as there is no way to be root.
  7. redia

    redia Active Member

  8. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    ok - there is a fix for the internal memory situation (sort of):

    This is taken from XDA

    - Start your phone (first time, perform the initial setup, add you accounts, email settings etc)
    - Download your apps (from Android Market, HTC Likes, HTC Hub, etc.)
    - Go to Settings and perform a factory data reset
    - After the initial setup and you have all your apps again, go to Setup -> Applications -> Move all downloaded apps to SD card.
    - You should have at least 50 MB after all the apps are installed

    Basically the advice is to perform a hard reset on your phone at least once to clear and regain a lot of lost memory

    I tried this 3 months after getting chacha and went from 15mb free to 75mb free with same apps installed
  9. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    We just bought one of these (HTC Status) eight days ago. (This phone is my wife's, but I am the one who has to make sure it works correctly!) This was one of my concerns, after reading about this elsewhere. So far, every time I have checked it, the phone shows between 75-83MB of available memory to work with, which hasn't posed any problems. She has had no memory issues (apps not loading, or slowing down, etc.) and she is very pleased about the performance of the phone. For the few apps we have downloaded, we have placed those on the 16GB card as soon as it was installed.

    tim :cool:
  10. redia

    redia Active Member

    Ok but does she sync with Outlook or with Facebook?

    Did you upgrade Google Maps?
  11. redia

    redia Active Member

    So so you loose all your settings right?
    You need to re-download all apk and re enter all you settings.
  12. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    She has turned off all Facebook syncing. Even though she uses it regularly, she does that from her PC, not the phone. She only syncs her Google and Yahoo emails, not her work account.

    I am not sure if she has updated the Google Maps. I can check that tonight. Has that caused you any issues?
  13. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    She is running maps v 5.2.1. It doesn't show a map update is available. Even if there were one, I doubt she would install it, simply because it's an app she'll never use.
  14. kcn

    kcn New Member

    i have tried the factory setting as described, but all my downloaded app would not appear again. sd card shows that data is there but no apps are populated when all app are tapped on sd card
  15. redia

    redia Active Member

    I want to give feedback about the update to 2.3.5

    First I want to live for memories all version. It will be in french and I don't wanna translate it as it may not be the exact translation

    Then after the end of the upgrade
  16. redia

    redia Active Member

    I had to uninstall stuff to be able to uograde (maps, and HTC Quick Office) to have more than my usual 15MB free space
    Before the upgrade I had 26MB of avalaible free memory
    after the upgrade, 50MB

    But just after this upgrade, Android Market performed a upgrade that you cannot refuse. This upgrade is using 6.04MB of memory (5.98 from the application) and a new google map upgrade 9.87MB.

    I'm now back to 26MB of free memory after 2 week

    I cannot reinstall HTC QuickOffice as now I can't move it to SD

    My guess is that this upgrade won't solve our memory issues
  17. redia

    redia Active Member

    Upgrading is not the solution, but rooting is.
    With the power of titanium backup, plus Link2SD (but I'm pretty sure I would have been able to do the same thing with only titanium backup), you can clean, root and move most of the applications to the SD.
  18. troopat

    troopat New Member

    I have had the same issue described here.

    The problem stems from the fact that the 'Mail' app stores messages on the internal memory only - does not allow one to move it to SD storage card. My office email quickly fills up the small memory.

    I download a fee mail app called 'K9' - this one can be installed on the SD card and stores message there as well. K9 is decent mail client.

    I now only use the 'Mail' app to sync my contacts and calendar (with my office exchange server).

    This solved the problem for me and a friend who was having the same issues.
  19. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    If your phone is rooted use App2Rom ( move internal apps to rom ) and Root uninstaller to remove bloatware apps in the stock rom that you dont use. this should clear up quite a few MB of memory.

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