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  1. sssudo

    sssudo New Member

    Hi all.

    Having some problems with my internal memory..
    There's a few things. :(

    Trying to install an update but don't have any free memory.
    Gone into app settings 'clean cache' etc.. done that.
    Then app storage, select uninstall apps - there are none to uninstall.
    Please advise on how to get more memory so I can download the update.

    I have moved everything I can to my SD card; which still has lots of memory.
    I have 8 downloaded apps which are:
    Amazon (on SD)
    Evernote (on SD)
    Facebook (can't move it)
    Gmail (can't move it)
    Google Play Store (can't move it)
    Instagram (on SD)
    Maps (can't move it)
    QR Droid (on SD)

    Also I have programmes on my phone I did not download & do not want on my phone.
    These programmes are:
    116 (4.00 KB)
    AISSoccer Live (140 KB)
    AMPed (668 KB)
    Broadband (4.00 KB)
    Cek Bonus (4.00 KB)
    Cek Pulsa (4.00 KB)
    eBuddy XMS (982 KB)
    eService (4.00 KB)
    mobileLIFE (4.00 KB)
    My SingTel (296 KB)
    NSP 121 (4.00 KB)
    Plurk (20.00 KB)
    Promo (4.00 KB)
    T-Cash (4.00 KB)
    Thai Input Keyboard (60.00 KB)
    Vietnamese IME (200 KB)
    Youtube (448 KB)

    Please advise how to remove these programmes.

    I have gone through and deleted as many cashe's/data as I can/it will allow me to.. without deleting the main working things on my phone (my email, contacts etc..)

    Also, having some problems with ' has stopped unexpectedly.'
    This has happened before and I have reset my phone.
    This time it is happening every 2 minutes or so.
    When I report to HTC the cause is usually:
    friend stream (even when i am not logged into any accounts)
    facebook for HTC sense

    but also a few others.

    basically = urgh.

    My phone was fine for awhile after I reset it.. and now all these problems keep cropping up. Really frustrating!

    I'm not a techie so easy instructions would be amazing.
    Any help with this would be incredible.
    Thaaaanks :)

  2. Gordoneza

    Gordoneza New Member

    I've been battling this issue with my girlfriend's HTC ChaCha - she found the moment she synced her Facebook contacts and updated a few apps, she ran out of space. I think I've addressed the storage issue :) See the post below.
  3. Gordoneza

    Gordoneza New Member

    To remove the programs you don't want/need but currently can't uninstall:
    1) Root your phone (this is a process where you remove the restriction on 3rd party applications). This will void the warranty. I used these instructions: which where were reasonably straightforward.
    2) You'll now be able to use apps such as Titanium Backup and/or Link2SD (which need root access) to uninstall or move the apps you don't want/don't mind being on the SD card.
  4. slovakgal

    slovakgal Member

    It's ridiculous with the ChaCha... I love it and all, but... I had a HTC Tattoo before and it could hold more apps than this one can! I've moved all my apps to SD card that I could, and it says it has 12Mb of free memory but it won't let me install an app that's 2Mb in size... Is this something that happens to other people? Cause it's seriously making me lose it... :D:D:D
  5. jerryisking

    jerryisking New Member

    HTC ChaCha is an insansely screwed up phone! I've deleted all my apps and the only downloaded ones I kept are Facebook and Instagram. I even deleted the Twitter app that came with the phone. And still I have to clear data (not just cache, but data) all the time. Another issue with this phone is it overheats all the time! Boo! Crap phone! :mad:
  6. redia

    redia Active Member

    Yes, right. There is really no solution. That's a shame that they screw so much with the memory
  7. Marcus Assab

    Marcus Assab Member

    Uninstall updates on the Facebook app
  8. Marmarica96

    Marmarica96 New Member

    I tried to download a 30 mb application , I had enough memory so it started downloading till there was some kind of error .. I was ok with that but the problem is that the 30 mb are now filled ,, my internal memory is full, the app isn't even installed and I have no idea how to empty those 30 mb

  9. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello Marmarica96. Welcome to Android Forums. You can do one of two things. You can connect your phone to your pc via the usb cable with the phone set to emulate a mass storage or whatever it is on your phone. (not charge mode) This will allow you to access the folders and files on your phone's accessible storage. Locating the folder where your dl was placed (you can likely find it by name) you can then delete it. Second option would be to dl a file manager from the play store. I use astro though there are many that are free. Then you can open the app and look for the file/folder and remove.
    These options are suggested hoping you have already looked through your downloaded apps from within your settings and the app is not in the list of apps so that you might remove. If the apps show in your app list... you will want to select remove.
  10. utsavjha

    utsavjha New Member

    1. dont sync fb
    2. take a backup of your contact list. then go to remove apps-all-contacts storage and clear data.
    thn restart ur cell and then restore the contacts.
    it will take up considerably lesser space.

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