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Htc chacha wifiSupport

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  1. H455Y

    H455Y Member


    soo i try putting my wifi on and it comes on and then internet works for like a minute or two and stops working and the logo in the notifation bar is still on need help


  2. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    Wifi seems to be a lot less sensitive than with my Nokia E5 or HTC Wildfire S.
    I have the same problem altough i can keep the wifi connection longer than a minute or two, most of the time.
    It's sure there is something wrong with the wifi reception capacity of this Chacha.
  3. H455Y

    H455Y Member

    it works fine now after i never went on internet for a while
    thanks for the reply
  4. mawisham

    mawisham New Member


    i got problems for my htc chacha. I try to connect with wifi, the wifi was connected but i cant surf the internet..can anybody help me??:confused:

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