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  1. geekboy78

    geekboy78 Member


    new user, and new android phone owner here. since coming over from my old iphone, loving the freedom i have to change things in my phone, and the fact that whenever there is a problem, there is usually a solution.

    and i'm hoping you can help me with my latest issue.

    i am looking to charge my one XL in-car. i have read enough threads to know that there are differences in the ampage that you can get from a car, and that as such, you cannot always charge the battery by more than you are using it.

    people talk about different USB cables, different plugs into the charger port on your car.... and all these are helpful.


    i was usking a belkin charging plug and the official HTC charging cable, and when i put it in the phone it would charge for a few seconds, then stop, then charge, then stop, then charge, then, guess what, stop. etc etc etc.

    now, as i am not a techy genius, is this to do with the ampage, the belkin plug, the cable or something else?

    i have no problem shelling out for the official HTC car charging usb kit, if it will work.

    any help much appreciated.

    (in terms of battery usage, i will probably be playing music, using sat nav and having bluetooth on. if i can only hope to reduce battery drain, that is one thing, but i just want to know if the on off thing is normal)

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Have a look which charging mode your phone has while charging.

    Settings, Power, Battery status ...

    Proper charging should show Charging (AC), if not, buy a HTC car charger.

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  3. geekboy78

    geekboy78 Member

    I will try that.

    It will be helpful, but not sure it will actually answer the biggest problem. For example, when I have my phone attached to my laptop, that says USB charging... which is fine. at least it charges.

    but when it is in my laptop it doesnt turn on and off and on and off.

    that is my biggest concern.

    i will check the power setting and see what it says, but i suspect it will say usb and still go on and off.

    i really want to know if the htc charger will stop the on off thing. with it coming on and off, even with screen allowed to go off for charging, the screen lights up ever few seconds because it is starting and stopping which means instead of charging my phone, plugging it in is actually draining my battery faster than if i just locked the screen!
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The problem is that these navigation apps need a lot of current.

    Charging USB means charging up to 500mA, but if the navi app consumes this, there is nothing for to charge the battery.

    Charging AC means charging up to 1000mA and the HTC car charger should do this :)

  5. geekboy78

    geekboy78 Member

    again, thanks for trying to help, but i am not sure you are understanding the main issue.

    i understand the ampage issue. i understand that you can only charge to a certain level, and that you could essentially be using more power than you are putting in.

    but the car is doing the on and off thing when not using the navigation app.

    i plug the phone in and it charges, stops, charges, stops. does this on the homescreen, when locked, anything.

    not providing enough charge is one thing, but no one has ever mentioned it going on and off.
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Well, I see.

    I heard of this problem as some charger adapter aren't properly sit in some car brand's ziggi sockets.
    Not clear, which is the culprit, car socket or charger plug.

    Looks like you could have this issue with your Belkin.

  7. geekboy78

    geekboy78 Member

    i will see if i can borrow another from a friend. the on and off and on and off seems to happen to regularly to be a contacts issue - it is the same amounts every time and does not depend on bumps in the road, or anything else.

    my car also has two charging sockets, and it happens in both of them.

    it doesnt sound like it is anything that i can fix immediately, so i will see if i can find another way around the issue.

  8. rod9669

    rod9669 Well-Known Member

    The official HTC cradle is worth getting - not only do you get Car Mode automatically, but mine increases battery level whilst I'm running sat-nav and playing music through the bluetooth - even using tune-in. oh, and I was also using it as wireless hotspot for my son's laptop on the last journey - and it still held the charge, but did get a bit warm :)

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