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  1. terryeltellango

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    Hi Guys (and Gals)

    I've just taken my sim card out of my desire c and put it into my desire A8181. The c had a banking app, Ryanair/Easyjet apps, and Viber installed.

    I cannot get them downloaded into the A8181 as they (from the Play Store) say the phone is incompatible. I even uninstalled them from the C and they still won't download. Am I doing something wrong or missing something simple? I just this second put the latest update on the phone but it's not happening...

    Any ideas??

  2. Hadron

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    They probably aren't compatible.

    The A8181 is probably running 2.2. The latest official update for that phone would still date back to 2011. What is the minimum OS requirement for these apps?
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  3. terryeltellango

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    Thanks for that.
    I bought the A8181 off Ebay and I assumed they would just work as (I thought) the Desire C was a "lesser" phone and I wanted a bigger screen.
    Some of the apps say 2.3 so you're right.

  4. electricpete

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  5. terryeltellango

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  6. Hadron

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    If you only need 2.3 that's possible without root. There's an official update to 2.3. However, it's not delivered over the air, but has to be downloaded to a PC and applied via USB. It will erase all data on the phone, so anything important should be backed up first.

    You can find it at Inside the zip is a Windows executable. Connect the phone via USB and run that and it will completely reflash the phone. Do check the md5 code after downloading to make sure you get a good download.

    To install anything later than 2.3 there's no alternative to root. The A8181 was the flagship of its day, but its day was 2010.
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  7. terryeltellango

    terryeltellango New Member

    Thanks for that.. I don't think I'm good enough to do this but I'll take a look a look on YouTube for help. How does one check the md5 code? If I have to ask that, does it mean I shouldn't try it?

  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Get our Mini-SDK toolkit here -

    Unzip it, you'll get an sdk-tools folder.

    Place the tool Hadron referred to in that folder.

    Windows Explorer, highlight the sdk-tools folder by a single click. Shift+right click on the sdk-tools folder to get the menu, look for Open a command window here - do that.

    In the command window, say -


    You'll see a file listing. If you see md5sums.exe and the name of the tool you downloaded, you're in the right place.

    Note the exact name of the tool file.

    Now say -

    md5sums name-of-tool-file-Hadron-gave-you

    It'll toss out a message and a value that looks like alphabet soup.

    Compare to value at the download site.

    If they match, the download is good to go.

    If not, delete ALL COPIES of it using the Windows Explorer and download again.

    That's it, hope this helps.

    PS - if for any reason the name of the tool contains spaces or () characters in the dir listing, just enclose the tool name in " (double quotes) on the md5sums command line.
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