HTC Desire, amoled, rooted s'offFor Sale

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  1. SmokyM79

    SmokyM79 Member

    This is an htc desire that has been rooted and s'off. Currently it's running MildWild v3.2 based on oxygen, but you will be able to flash any rom of your choosing. It is an early desire so it has the amoled screen. Comes with a 4gb sd card that has been partitioned so you will never get the dreaded low space warning.

    Now for the bad.
    It has the 'shrapnel' effect on the metal casing and a scratch on the screen but you have to be looking for it to see it, also after having recently moved house I can't find the original box so no headphones either sorry.

    Feel free to contact me via pm about this phone. I will be happy to answer any questions. This phone has never let me down once and the only reason for the sale was due to an upgrade.

  2. avidroidian

    avidroidian Member

    How much are you interested in?...also,where are you located ?
  3. SmokyM79

    SmokyM79 Member

    Hi sorry for the lack of info, about
  4. avidroidian

    avidroidian Member

    Ah...I am in India ...missed the chance

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