HTC Desire and Arabic Language

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  1. fokakmeny

    fokakmeny Member

    hello there
    I'm planning to buy HTC desire, I'm currently in Egypt and main langauge here ( for mails and SMSs ) is Arabic
    1- does HTC desire support Arabic mails and SMSs? for even just recieving them correctly!
    2- and if not? is there anyway, or update to the software that will enable arabic on the device?
    3- is there any plans for HTC to add arabic to HTC desire software soon?
    thats all, I couldn't find a forum for Desire, so I posted the thread here
    if the wrong forum, I'm sorry
    thanks in advance, bye

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  2. mjryan7

    mjryan7 Member


    I've actually had to test this as I work for an online SMS company and we are implementing Unicode for predominantly Arabic SMS messages.

    The Desire does not support the Arabic language natively, further than this I can reasonably say that the Android operating system doesn't either.

    Despite this there are applications in the App Store which I believe do add this functionality. I don't think any of these are currently perfect, but due to the demand the developers should be keen to push forward (and I believe be glad of any help translation wise).

    I don't think HTC (or Google in the Android OP) have specific plans to implement Arabic in upcoming updates/Android versions, but as I said before there is a fairly big demand for it.

    I hope this helps!

    p.s. Funny that I'm using Google Chrome but the default Spell checker tells me Google is spelt incorrectly :D
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  3. fokakmeny

    fokakmeny Member

    thanks very much , your help is really appreciated

    XD lol
  4. fokakmeny

    fokakmeny Member

    ah, by the way, I just want to let you know that i don't care if it can write Arabic
    i just want it to read Arabic in emails,websites, and SMS, that will be enough
    so, if please, anybody who have HTC desire please
    go from your mobile phone to this website
    Masrawy- First Egyptian Portal -
  5. Stavut

    Stavut Member

    Hi :)

    I just checked the website on my Desire, sadly though the font won't show as the text code available is Latin, Unicode, Japanese & Chinese, but no arabic support :-/ the only stuff that shows up in Arabic is the graphic stuff like ads or the "add comment" (indhaf mgala I think it was)

    Sorry to bear the news, but I hope maybe one of the app developers around may have a solloution if possible to add Arabic in the text code.

    I found these links, might be of help to you.

    The first one shows lots of promise I think.

    "Edit 2"

    I tried scanning the barcode in the first website to try and install it to recheck but my browser won't open the page, not sure if its region limited or something, since I'm from Denmark, our marketplace is limited, the 2nd link requires root and I'm pretty new to this hehe so I'm afraid someone with root would have to check it out since the whole root stuff seems far to techie for me to meddle with.
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  6. Bashar

    Bashar Member

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  7. fokakmeny

    fokakmeny Member

    thanks alot stavut
    your effort is greatly appreciated :)
    I really hope to that this arabic matter will be fixed, you guys renewed my hope :)

    I'll check these site as soon as i receive my Desire
  8. fokakmeny

    fokakmeny Member

    thanks bashar
    but I viewed the post and didn't understand anything :p
    I'll recheck it later
    thanks man!
  9. bluesea864

    bluesea864 New Member

    hi guys

    so now we r in july 2010

    any official arabic support for desire
    from google or from htc ??
  10. androidexplorer

    androidexplorer New Member

    Hi guys, working on some android apps to support arabic rendering. I've been using unicode fonts with arabic and I've been using the unicode codes to display the arabic characters, problem is it won't join words if you tell a text view to render a few unicode characters in a row. Anyone know how to overcome this?
  11. rassemeid

    rassemeid New Member

    hi i buy htc desire hd and i did updated the android version 2.3.5
    my software number is 3.13.751.3
    well its made in china and the problem is i want 2 have arabic language in my htc because i need it for sms and chat and documents , i am in dubai now so please if anyone can give me a help plz
  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    This is desire forum. Not desire hd
  13. norden max

    norden max New Member



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