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  1. SurfXombie

    SurfXombie Well-Known Member

    Best way(s) to backup and restore your HTC Desire?
    I am hoping people have better suggestions than my experience..

    I have just factory rest my HTC Desire to get around the googlemail to gmail switch. This required a factory reset of the device.

    Now the HTC backs up some settings but as it turns out not much. These are what I notice it misses:
    • any saved scene settings
    • any added wallpaper
    • any apps
    • any email or other account settings

    I already had the backup feature enabled (home>menu>settings>privicy>backup...)
    I used ASTRO to backup the apps to the SD
    I factory reset

    You basically start from scratch and have to put in all the account details. Then you can recreate your scene settings, d/l astro from the market place and restore all your apps.

    Some apps remember and some don't. So for example I lost all my NoteEverything docs (not a big loss) but kept all my ThinkingSpace maps.

    Takes about 1hr (depends on how many apps you need to go through)

  2. SurfXombie

    SurfXombie Well-Known Member

    MyBackup seems like a good answer to this and has a 30day trial, so let us know if you have used it as I suspect factory-resets could be common.
  3. Swana2k

    Swana2k Active Member

    I'm about to attempt this Factory Reset for precisely the same reason I updated my google account to ''

    As long as everything is stored on SD somewhere I'm confident I can get it all back...

    Main thing for me is apps and txt messages.
  4. ghinzani

    ghinzani Member

    Where do the txt msgs go? Mine have not come back. Everytime Ive had to reset.
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  5. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    I use three levels of backups:

    1. SMS Backup & Restore will, um, back up and restore your text messages. It's fast and free, and allows you to store several sets of backups. I used this before I got Titanium.
    2. Titanium Backup will back up all or individual apps, settings, data, and system settings, and can make selective restores. To do so, it does require root. If you donate, it will unlock a scheduled backup feature so you'll always have fresh backups, and one-click restore. You can also "freeze" apps, which completely hides un-uninstallable apps (say, Facebook) from the OS without breaking anything. I use Titanium all the time.
    3. Nandroid (old description) is a recovery tool (at boot time, not a regular Android app) that will make complete backups of your entire storage, and can make a complete restore after any kind of incident -- even a failed firmware upgrade. The bad news is that it only deals with complete backups/restores, and that you need to install a special recovery boot on your phone. I use Nandroid whenever I'm about to play with ROMs.
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  6. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    I use MyBackup pro which is pretty good - a full restore will take about 40 mins - most but not all apps will be restored and some widgets will have gone tho its not that big a hassle to download them again. The biggest hassle is that it doesn't seem to restore the dictionary even tho its one of the listed features - so I'm always starting from scratch - I've had to do 2 restores in the last month.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    +2 for mybackup on an unrooted. Phone
  8. dan55

    dan55 Well-Known Member

    yikes - not looking forward to this - bye bye rest of my evening! :( :D

    just dloading mybackup
  9. Bradden

    Bradden Well-Known Member

    My backup sounds good.. I like the idea of backing up to a secure server in case I lose the phone.

  10. kapione

    kapione New Member

    sorry to ask this

    I Have a HTC Desire I want to back up my phone
    I looked at these direction with no problem home>menu>settings
    BUT I do not see "privacy" hence no other tabs like backup

    Also , is there a application I can use for my HTC Desire like Nokia PC Suite, or like Nokia's very awful OVI suite
    specifically I'd like to send,check, and forward sms/text messages,add and edit my contacts and email(Ideally back backups too directly to keep safe in my pc)

    everyones advice has been rock solid , and has me enjoying my new device

    Thanks in advance
  11. eratata

    eratata New Member

    "BUT I do not see "privacy" hence no other tabs like backup"
    Was a function in 2.1.

    Same here even if I have the danish menu. According to the support (danish), this function has been removed.

    I was going to make some apps for my phone and need to backup too.

  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It hasn't been removed. You have to press search then type it in.
  13. MaxAggro

    MaxAggro New Member

    I can't find it :(

    I just did a factory reset and only read the official "How to" on the htc site. It said that all messages, settings etc are auto backed up on the sd card and would reload after you did the reset. I did the reset but no reload option upon start up :( HTC Desire - Backing up phone data

    Anyone have any idea if the htc site is outdated and wrong?
  14. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

  15. Gazman

    Gazman Member

    I just had the same issue (HTC Desire 2.2).
    I found my backup options using Google search of my settings for the privacy options. I set it to backup as describe by HTC:]HTC Desire - Backing up phone data

    After the factory reset, I saw no option to restore SMS messages and the have all gone.

    Is this normal? I have emailed HTC support so will see what they have to say.
    In the meantime, I did backup everything on my SD card. Anyone know if my old text messages will still be there somewhere?
  16. Gazman

    Gazman Member

    I just received the following criptic reply from HTC

    I think what he may have been trying to say is that after updating from 2.1 to 2.2, I needed to recheck the backup option.

    Hence I tried again (unchecked the backup option, restarted phone, rechecked backup option) and did another factory reset but again no SMS messages or anything else listed on their help page got restored.

    Does it work for anyone or do I just need to accept that HTC's help page is useless and misleading and I have to rely on 3rd party apps for this? (am trying MyBackup which seems to be fine so far).

    I love the phone but am slightly miffed that a rather basic feature which they advertise on the website doesn't seem to exist (on my handset at least).
  17. blackebeard

    blackebeard New Member

    Hi, my phone factory reset. All SMS have gone. I take it there is no way of recovering them from the SD card? I guess the data will still be there, just a case of how to read the card and recover?
  18. MiranSMS

    MiranSMS New Member

    I haven't jet tried "My Backup", I am going to.
    So far I have used free application called "MyPhoneExplorer" to backup all my messages, numbers, appointments, callendar. It works prefectly and very fast.
    But for complete backup (like apps...) some other application should be used.
  19. GigglesSilly

    GigglesSilly New Member

    When you do the factory reset does it delete all your phone numbers? If so how do I back them up.
    Sorry I am new to this forum and I just got myself my very first Android phone .
  20. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Factory reset will wipe all user data, apps and settings - sets the phone back to factory state.

    If your contacts are synced with Google then you can just download them again from the cloud. Otherwise you can back them up from the contacts app (export to SD - may be called something different on the HTC app, haven't had that for a year), or use MyBackup to back them up, or HTC Sync if you use that. Many options.
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  21. GigglesSilly

    GigglesSilly New Member

    thank you. I am glad there are options
  22. namsilat

    namsilat New Member

    I have this really dumb problem/question. I backed up the whole phone stuff to microSD card using My Backup, did a factory reset. So now into my phone there's no wifi, no Gmail, no installed app (and no My Backup obviously). I scrolled through all the icons and checked them, but I can't figure out how to restore the stuff saved by My Backup on the SD card. Under Privacy there's no option for restore to click, but I don't think HTC back/restore can restore from My Backup's backup anyways. Any suggestion?
  23. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    You need to log in to the Play Store and reinstall MyBackup. Then it can restore the backup it made.

    Don't know what you mean by no WiFi though. Your saved passwords will be gone, but the WiFi will work.

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