HTC Desire - best wallpaper resolution for no crop or stretch?

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  1. starbase1

    starbase1 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,
    I have a nice new HTC desire, and wanted to put someof my graphics in as wallpaper.

    But I am struggling a bit with the required resolution! I understand it is different from the screen resolution because it slides with the home screens - so what is the required resolution if i want a wallpaper to fit across the home screens without stretching or cropping?

    If it helps, I promise to share some results!

  2. jonhapimp

    jonhapimp Well-Known Member

  3. skiatomic08

    skiatomic08 Member

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  4. starbase1

    starbase1 Well-Known Member

    Nope, I tried that and it still asks me to select a region! Unless I am doing it wrong?
  5. chowhuskylass

    chowhuskylass Well-Known Member

    try the app wallpaper set and save Wallpaper Set And Save v1.1.008 Application for Android | Tools

    once downloaded find the graphic you want to use and set it via this application it avoids all the cropping that the wallpaper option on the phone insists you do! but yeah the resolution is 960x800 as a rule of thumb
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  6. partridge

    partridge Well-Known Member

    You can stretch the "outline" to make it larger or smaller
  7. Zcar73

    Zcar73 New Member

    I kind of have this problem in reverse. I want to place an image as wallpaper without it stretching across the entire screen. No matter how much I crop it, it still takes the inner cropped portion and stretches it across the whole screen. Then I can't see the whole image without swipping the screen from side to side.

    I'm looking for a way to scale down an image so it is small enough to be entirely visable without bleeding over the left and right......

    Any ideas? Thanks
  8. green2106

    green2106 New Member

    this is what I did I took a new file in photoshop and made it 960x800 and took the picture I wanted and put it in the middle and made the outside a black color, you can use what ever color you want. and it fit the middle home screen and did not strech across the home screens. Hope this helps.
  9. 206EVL

    206EVL New Member

    That worked a treat! Now I have a wonderful picture of Dita Von Teese's ass as my wallpaper :)
  10. zeroeight

    zeroeight Active Member

    You can use an alternative home launcher (such as LauncherPro, AWD.Launcher, Zeam etc.) and select to not scroll the wallpaper in the preferences. As far as I'm aware, Sense doesn't give you this option yet (though the new one may do).
  11. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    960x800, if you use a background of these dimensions in Launcherpro, with the option set to disable background scrolling, it will use the middel 480x800 pixels of the image, so if you position a 480x800 pixel image centred on a blank black 960x800 document it will appear centred on your homescreens.

    if you use MultiPicture live wallpaper, you can have a different image on each homescreen, it also uses the middle 480x800 section of a 960x800 background.
  12. Dusan

    Dusan Member

    I think that resolution is 960x800
  13. Juro

    Juro New Member

    I think we need to find out the correct specs for this one. I want to know them as well, just ordered my HTC Desire and wanted to get some wallpapers ready for it :)

    When making a custom wallpaper, we need the resolution as well as the DPI to achieve best sharpness 1:1

    For example, if one was making a custom wallpaper for the iPhone 4 in Photoshop, the document properties would be 640 x 960 pixels at 326 DPI

    What I want to know is, what are the corresponding Desire screen properties? Anyone?
  14. Juro

    Juro New Member

    From what I was able to find, the DPI on the HTC Desire is 252. So,
    a scrollable wallpaper would be 960x800px at 252 DPI
    and a "single home screen" one would be 480x800px at 252 DPI
  15. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    72dpi for a 1-1 image 'screen resolution'
  16. dan55

    dan55 Well-Known Member

    im new to desire and struggling with this too - i get the idea of having the pic scrolling across all screens - but still think they should have made it easier to do this and look good too - plus option to have pic centred on main screen

    i tried the wallpaper set/save app but couldnt see an improvement - could have been using it wrong of course :D

    will try making one up with black backround and see how that looks

  17. dan55

    dan55 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Just edited a pic on pc so that have a 900*760
    Background with the actual pic required as 480*480 pasted
    In centre and works a treat :D

    Just need an app that can do this now on desire ;)
  18. wabbitt1970

    wabbitt1970 Well-Known Member

    I'm actually pretty sure the dpi is 240 for an HTC Desires WVGA800 display as mentioned in the specs and also the android programming reference.

    So as you correctly state a scrollable wallpaper is 960x800px but it will need 240 dpi to be accurate.
  19. dan55

    dan55 Well-Known Member

    Although. My nice wallpaper was made using pic from iphone
  20. Irios

    Irios Member

    DPI settings in the image are irrelevant.
    What matters is the pixel resolution.
    And that should be 960x800 for the HTC Desire, just like stated above.

    I created a quick wallpaper just now so I could share with you guys...
    (see attached image)

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  21. JohnCena83

    JohnCena83 Member

    I format my iPhone wallpaper by using adove photoshop.
  22. DVJohn

    DVJohn Member

    Thats the answer I've been looking for, thankyou:) It works great
  23. bodybuilder27

    bodybuilder27 Member

    every single wallpaper problem solved = market search for 'wallpaper wizardrii'

    simple as that - trust me!

  24. Naz_Hussain

    Naz_Hussain New Member

    thanks a lot mate, this really sorted out my problems. cheers
  25. pegasus11

    pegasus11 New Member

    Bloody fantastic. Downloaded it and it works a charm. Thanks Matt.

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