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HTC Desire C and sensors problemSupport

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  1. htc_alex

    htc_alex New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have just bought my first smartphone ever so please be gentle with me if I am talking nonsense ;-)
    The phone is HTC Desire C and so far I really like it. There is one issue I am looking to resolve though:

    I am trying to get the Google Sky Map (Google Sky Map for Android) running but for some reason the sensors do not seem to work properly. When I turn around holding the phone in "landscape" the display does not change at all. When I move it up/down it works perfectly. I checked the accelerometer and its readings appear correct. Is it a compass issue? I am not even sure if I have one or not, since the specs I found do not seem to agree on that:

    for example, according to these, there is a compass
    HTC Desire C Specs, Price, Photos | Pinoy Tech Blog - The Philippines' Longest-running Technology Blog
    HTC Desire C Price, Specification, Review, Preview India

    while here - that there is none:

    Is anyone succesfully using Google Sky Map on Desire C?

    It is really frustrating. When I first saw the Sky Map App, I was so impressed I decided to buy a smartphone. Now I got one and the map does not work :-(

    Thanks guys!

  2. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Hi Welcome
    Sorry to say no compass facility, so any apps that rely on the magnetometer features (the ability to measure the strength and direction of the earth's magnetic field) will not function in some cases Play store won't let you download..

    Browse the other threads you will see some useful info regarding the phone... it has its good points and its bad you might find answers to other questions you might have.
  3. AnotherJohnH

    AnotherJohnH Member

    As skymap is what you wanted the phone for, is it worth taking it back - if you're still in the "cooling off period"?
  4. dr.faramroze

    dr.faramroze Member

    In-call proximity sensor also doesn't work well on this phone.
  5. htc_alex

    htc_alex New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks very much for your replies.

    I only kind of accepted the lack of compass, but then I realized the GPS does not work well either, compared to other phones. I wanted to use the phone for measuring distance/avg runnning speed to track my progress as well but the difference between what the phone recorded (with GPS and A-GPS active) and the actual distance I covered was about 30%. That was completely unacceptable, so I got rid of the phone... I am looking for a replacement, with a good compass and a reliable GPS now.


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