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htc desire c jelly beanSupport

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  1. stijntje

    stijntje New Member

    hello, is there a way to update my htc desire c to android 4.1 jelly bean, i would love to juse google now. if anyone know plz say :)

  2. stijntje

    stijntje New Member

  3. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    no. i'm also a desire c owner. and as my research showed me, jellybean won't be available for 512MB RAM phones like ours. so the farther we'll get is ICS 4.0.4. i want to update mine, because when i updated to 4.0.3 (system server update, not forced or rooted), a big drop in battery life, and phone easily gets laggy tha n before the update. as it was said, ICS 4.0.4 will solve the bugs on 4.0.3. but we are yet to know if 4.0.4 will be coming for desire c. i really hope it does.
  4. bogdy5

    bogdy5 Member

    for Gods_Pianist
    i dont see a difference in lags or the battery life after the update (i did it 3 days after i bought the phone so there isnt that much to compare), my phone lasts 4.5 days with low usage and 2-3 moderate usage(i dont use the phone for /games/camera/ only /music/calls/msg/some internet via wifi/.the phone came with 4.0.3 preinstalled so you must have installed the software updates not an android update.

    for stijntje
    for jelly bean or 4.0.4 you will have to wait for an unofficial release(if we will get one...) because htc said no android upgrades for ours
  5. jamesoffice

    jamesoffice Member

    This can be done now. I have not done it yet but a friend has and posted the following:

    I can't post links (yet) but search 'Jelly Bean with Jellytime ROM' and the result will come up.

    You need to root the phone first
  6. bogdy5

    bogdy5 Member

    i think that rom is for desire HD not desire c
  7. jamesoffice

    jamesoffice Member

    Ah yes. My mistake. Sorry I am on the HTC DHD

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