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  1. RaBBITz_3D

    RaBBITz_3D Guest

    i have temporarily rooted my phone and then damaged my actual rom. Now I'm not rooted and don't have a backup :( . I just need the original ROM for desire C (Vodafone UK). PLZ :(

  2. bogdy5

    bogdy5 Member

    EDIT: there is no rom on htcdev for desire c only source codes
    you could try custom roms from xda-developers>desire c section
  3. RaBBITz_3D

    RaBBITz_3D Guest

    What is this then, i've downloaded it and it is only half the size of the actual roms. when i try flashing it, it gives an error When checking the signature . How do i upload the rom then? Where is the signiture? Why is it failing?(It's the right one)(Vodafone) and is this a rom at all? :confused::confused::confused:

    + im doing "fastboot flash rom" or "fastboot flash rom" in the console,(i renamed the rom to "rom1")
  4. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Hey RaBBITz_3D, I've moved your thread over to the all-things-root area for you where the root folks should be able to help answer your questions.

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  5. KadalRasa

    KadalRasa New Member

    stock rom will be available in name of "Untouched Rom" for htc desire c

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