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HTC Desire - Clicking noise from alarm clockSupport

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  1. ZippyAndy

    ZippyAndy New Member


    My alarm clock has started making a loud clicking noise after every 'ring' of the alarm tone (ring-CLICK-ring-CLICK-ring-CLICK!). Anyone else had this problem? It does it when I'm selecting an alarm tone too.

    Orange branded Desire, upgraded to Froyo at the weekend.

  2. polyn

    polyn New Member

    I have exactly the same problem with my orange-froyo-desire,
    Any news?
  3. I've got the same issue as well. I think it might have started on mine shortly after installing/uninstalling a sound file editor app to crop ringtones etc but can't remember for sure.

    Think it makes the sound after playing a specific type of audio file. Mine does not do It after .mp3, .amr, and some others... seems to only be after .wav files. I also notice it in some games which I presume have .wav sound files in them.

    Any ideas at all would be much appreciated.

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