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HTC Desire - Color Depth Very PoorSupport

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  1. foxy29

    foxy29 New Member


    I just received my HTC Desire on Orange, rooted and de-branded it. Works fine now, I'm on SW version 1.15 as otherwise, I get issues on Orange.

    However, the color depth on my device is very poor, it looks like it only has 256 colours if that makes any sense? A bit like on the old PCs when you rebooted and your display graphics drivers weren't properly installed.

    Can anyone please advise what I need to do please? Is there any way I can reinstall display drivers on Android? I hope this isn't a hardware issue. I have scoured Google long and hard, but it seems I'm the only one with this problem?


  2. g4rvd4

    g4rvd4 Well-Known Member

    Was it fine before you rooted it?
  3. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    I believeit should be 16 bit, so 256 seems a little low.

    Can you take a picture of it to show us?
  4. foxy29

    foxy29 New Member

    To be honest, I am not sure if it was ok or not before rooting. Having said that, when I turned it on, I wasn't stunned by the screen at all and noticed some weird behaviour, like the tone of the screen would change and get a bit of a grey hue at times, sometimes yellow, sometimes pink. I thought this was the light sensor.

    When rooted, these stopped, but now I am stuck with a phone that's showing fewer colours than it should. It's probably not 256 colors, but I don't think it's 16 bit.

    I attach one of the standard pictures that comes with it to this message. Took this with my webcam, so it's not a great picture, but you can see the face of the girl and those patches of colour between the various tones on her face. I do not think this should display like this?

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  5. nacatomi

    nacatomi Well-Known Member

    Just checked mine and zoomed right in and its perfect on mine. No colour banding and lots of detail. Sorry...
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  6. tanbe174

    tanbe174 Well-Known Member

    I zoomed on the same picture and i dont have these patches. It might be your webcam ?? or can u see it too on the phone ?
    If yes theni dont think it's normal
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  7. g4rvd4

    g4rvd4 Well-Known Member

    From your attachment, I can confirm that there is definitely something wrong with your screen.
    My suggestion: unroot it back to your original ROM, and then see whether the problem persists. If it does, you can claim warranty.

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  8. foxy29

    foxy29 New Member

    Thanks for your input guys - I can confirm this is what it looks like on the phone, it's not the webcam. I get the same issues with videos on YouTube (even on my home wifi).

    I have sent the phone back, will see what they say.
  9. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Hope you put Orange ROM on it first.....
  10. alexxfloo

    alexxfloo New Member

    I got the same problem too, have you fixed yours, what was it?
  11. mosephthegreat

    mosephthegreat New Member

    same problem here, although all I did was agree to the update to the latest android 2.2 version. anyone know how to roll back to a previous version?
  12. dinaro

    dinaro Well-Known Member

    Mine looks fine. Skin tones and everything else blends well.
  13. watafu

    watafu New Member

    I'm experiencing the same problem here, has anyone figured out if it is a hardware fault that needs to be replaced? Just picked my htc desire up today and other than the screen its running flawlessly but its something that will begin to grate very soon.
  14. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Since yours is showing this issue out of the box, then it's either a hardware fault or the firmware on the phone. A lot of users here do not post what part of the world they're in nor their carrier, so it's hard to say if it's related to firmware or not. I'm running the unbranded official ROM from HTC and have no issues with banding - screen quality is excellent.
  15. watafu

    watafu New Member

    I'll have a go at updating the firmware first but it looks like a hardware fault to me. As for the phone, its a brand new UK t-mobile handset.
  16. Komster

    Komster New Member

    Sorry to dig this up....BUT can anyone tell me how to fix this!?

    Running a regular htc desire z, on UK Vodaphone...the bad color resolution only happended when updating the OS.

    Makes the camera usless!
  17. casty

    casty New Member

    I am having the same issue on my HTC Desire S (Orange) Just got it back from service (system got frozen when turned on on HTC logo), they changed the motherboard and loaded latest Android 2.3.5 on it. When I came back home, I just realized that the color depth is very poor (seems like 256 colors only) Does anyone know how can this be fixed? I don't really want to go back to orange and wait another 3 weeks until they "repair" it again... :( Many thanks for any suggestions...

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