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HTC Desire - Colour?!

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  1. DroidPete

    DroidPete Active Member

    Hi all,

    The HTC Desire has been the first phone in a pretty long time to get me excited and make me think "I want one!" :) Doing research just adds to that statement!

    But I still have one dilemma preventing me from buying currently: what colour to get?! I know, it's something completely basic and non-technical, but could mean a great deal. :p I should point out I'm in the UK.

    The main colour is named 'Graphite', known as brown/bronze and many more variations! What exactly is this colour? It intrigues me, looking on the internet, it can look purple, brown, grey, black...! This is obviously the most common of the Desires and can be picked up unbranded, with original firmware, etc, etc.

    Another option is a black HTC Desire. I gather the black, which I feel I like best, is an Orange-exclusive. Over-branding on their part, but I see black non-branded HTC battery covers are coming out soon, so not a biggie. Further, their over-excessive branded firmware can removed and have it clean clean.

    Finally is the recently-released Silver variation, 'limited-edition' as they said on eXpansys, but I believe this is a common colour in Holland. Looks nice, but the extra price tag seems a sort of over-kill - probably not worth it.

    Let me know your opinions on any of this and help me decide. :cool: Particularly your thoughts on the standard HTC Desire 'graphite' :confused: colour! And I have seen some people switch from the graphite to the black versions - again, let me know which one you like best!

  2. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Well-Known Member

    In the UK the black Desire is exclusive to Orange.

    The original colour is "brown", however, it looks more like a rusty silver type of colour to me. I certainly wouldn't have said it was brown.

    You can get some nice silicone gel cases which cover the phone and don't add any bulk to it either, so you can make the phone look black if you wish. :)
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  3. RetroDude

    RetroDude Well-Known Member

    I held the brown/bronze one in the vodafone shop. First time id seen the desire in the flesh and its lovely. Cant wait for mine :)
  4. Desire D

    Desire D Well-Known Member

    The bronze part of the bezel is so narrow you hardly notice it (in my opinion), the black one probably looks nicer, but unless your on Orange I shouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  5. Ian80

    Ian80 Active Member

    I was considering waiting to get the black version but in the end I was too impatient :p
    Also, I prefer that the buttons on the brown one are silver rather than black and I've always had a black phone, I wanted something different this time round :)

    I have mine in the black silicone case pretty much 24/7 anyway :p
  6. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    You should go into a shop and check it out :D

    I actually quite like the "brown" one, and it's more of a bronze colour :)
  7. Unfriendly

    Unfriendly Active Member

    There is also a silver version, if you are into that ;)
  8. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    I like mine being brown. It's quite classy and unobtrusive. Just don't go out looking for a white one with a big daft logo on the back.
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  9. tanbe174

    tanbe174 Well-Known Member

  10. DroidPete

    DroidPete Active Member

    Thanks guys, you've assured me I'd like the graphite/brown one after all... time to slash the cash :)

    Haha, most constructive advice on the thread! I'm pretty damn sure I will avoid such a thing you describe. Thanks! :D
  11. alan hanson

    alan hanson Well-Known Member

    been done when i asked the chap on the phone wen sorting my upgrade asked him wat colour he said black
  12. JamesFoster

    JamesFoster Active Member

    I'm colour blind. But to me I would describe the colour (of the standard model) as a charcoal grey (very dark grey). The inlay is a very dark bronze colour. The bezel around the screen is black. And the buttons (made from aluminium) are silver.
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  13. mikecoulter

    mikecoulter Well-Known Member

    Mine looks like a rusty/purple/brown/silver/black awesome thing.
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  14. ukjets

    ukjets Well-Known Member

    I wanted the black one in the first place, but got the brown/graphite, after seeing the black one in orange shop window i am glad i got the brown one, it looks so much nicer and classier than the black.
  15. staz1000

    staz1000 Well-Known Member

    I have the normal 'brown' one but my mate used to rib me because he thought it looked pink (which it can do in certain light). He's got one now though ;)
  16. Rotor

    Rotor Well-Known Member

    I've a 'brown' one. No problems with that colour at all, love it.
  17. Archphoto

    Archphoto Well-Known Member

    When I first heard "brown" I really couldn't go for the Desire at all. After all that colour conjured up some really awful shades.

    Got to see a demo model in the flesh, and have to say it sold me; ordered a Desire the same day from another dealer here in Bangkok (the first store had no stock at all).

    Actually, feel it's quite a classy colour and certainly a nice departure from all the black handsets doing the rounds.

    Chocolate brown would be a slightly better description; possibly even the same colour as an older UK penny (or US for that matter), that hasn't been cleaned in a while.
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  18. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    Graphite is the name given to that colour.
  19. Rotor

    Rotor Well-Known Member


    Is the one next to the silver one a 'brown' version with dark buttons? Not seen one like that before.
  20. Cheule

    Cheule Well-Known Member

    I've seen paint in DIY stores the same as my Graphite Desire, they list the colour as "Champagne".
  21. reese637

    reese637 Member

    I love how the "brown" changes colour in different light. In very bright light it's purple/graphite, and in low light it's a nice deep or light brown.

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