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htc desire contact info (Browse All)

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  1. shaftalot

    shaftalot New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 4, 2010
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    This is probably easy to sort so any help will be good . Just got my desire and the contacts off the sim from my N95 show when opened ..action .. which shows the number , and if i want to call or message that number and ..information.. which has ringtone ,send to voicemail and edit .
    If i put a new contact in my phone i only get the..information.. and what comes under it . I get no ..action.. with the number underneath it with the option to call or mail.
    My main problem being , if i was to manually enter all my contacts i would not be-able to see the phone numbers when i open the contact ( or people as the htc hphone has it ) . I basically want to see my new contacts info like they are from the sim with ..action.. and ..information..


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