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  1. Hi

    Im currently thinking about buying the new HTC Desire HD phone but my only worry is that the battery life isn't that good reading reviews from other people that have already got it.

    Would it get me say through a day from 9am - 9pm using it for a few calls, txting, web browsing and a bit of gaming, etc?? Can anyone who has got it give me a rough idea please?

    Thanks in advance for replys :)

  2. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    Hi welcome to the forums.

    I have had mine last a day n half and thats restricting to 2G networks and GPS disabled texting, emailing and odd call with wifi surfing in house.

    Friendly reminder..please search the forum before posting. This has been covered quite ofte in the past couple of days :)
  3. Dioky

    Dioky Member

    Hi there,

    Well, got mine for two weeks now.

    Battery drain overnight (8.5h on 3G, both BT and WiFi on):
    Checking stocks: 20min; Exchange 30min; POP/IMAP client with 5 mailboxes configured to check every 30min; Weather 60min; Twitter 30min.

    Consumption is about 10%, which is more than my HD2 with Artemis v37.0 and radio which consumed about 6%, but over all, I think it's quite acceptable for the DHD.
    I use it daily in business. Works all day long without problem, with push mail activated for Exchange mail and agenda. At the end of the day about 50% left.

  4. Shorty_Gas

    Shorty_Gas Member

    Very Poor. On a day trip today it drained in about 6 hours. That was only using it for the odd picture, about 5 minutes of filming and a bit of surfing.

    I have had it for nearly a week now, and I love everything about it apart from the Battery.

    The only problem is, all phones seem to be this poor now so i cant find anything to replace it with.
  5. The Hoff

    The Hoff Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue as you Shorty, mine drains like something is running in the background (it's not, I've checked), and that's with BT/WIFI/GPS all turned off, screen dimmed, no widgets, sync reduced to daily, push turned off.

    I need a holster to carry 5/6 batteries to get me through the day.
  6. kafilta

    kafilta Member

    Will the battery last a day if I watch a 40 minute video with my earphones, putting into consideration that I only text like 20 times a day and 20 mins of calls w/o Wifi, 3G etc.
  7. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member


    Today, I finished work at 17:30, had half battery still left (and I was on the go since 6am)..Played some youtube HQ back and listened to music and still had plenty of battery :)
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  8. miophone

    miophone Active Member

    maybe mine's faulty? i'm on the charger for the second time today... :-/
  9. The Hoff

    The Hoff Well-Known Member

    I 'think' I've fixed mine... but we'll see.

    I suspect one of my now deleted apps was causing the issue (memory leak or something?), removed Skype/Sky News and more critically I had some sensor monitor app (that logs info from the accel/light/prox etc).

    It managed to survive the night without draining significantly. Also turned off the HTCsense location stuff for now as it doesn't even work - figured it may well keep retrying on a loop to connect.

    I'll report in later on how it looks to be behaving today... so far it's OK.
  10. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    Sky News used to kill the battery on my SGS, really not sure why.
  11. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    Not convinced the desire and desire hd use the same battery.....
  12. Flagship

    Flagship Active Member

    I suggest getting the proporta turbocharger 3400, you can charge the phone for a little over 2 charges.
  13. miophone

    miophone Active Member

  14. The Hoff

    The Hoff Well-Known Member

    My phone has been transformed today, i'm rocking 9/10 bars and my stats suggest 'Android OS' is now using 5% of my battery, instead of 60% that was typical before.

    If your battery is terrible (6/7 hours to drain) I'd strongly suggest removing an app at a time until you hit the jackpot. I targeted the Skype/Sky News (and a couple of others) simply because they seemed to always be running when I looked at apps/services.

    It's made one hell of a difference!

    I'm not going to charge it now until it dies, I want to see what legs it's got.
  15. Marshal77

    Marshal77 Member

  16. Termite

    Termite Member

    About the ebay batteries: most likely overrated and second grade casing like most chinese batteries but for their price if they work at all they might save the day when needed.
  17. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    I'm finding it rather amusing that folk thing they have a faulty battery.

    Best thing to do is experiment by removing apps, turning down brightness, etc

    Interesting..I know there is an app out that prevents programs form automatically starting when it wants to..may be worth an idea to try?

    Anyone got a pic of the official Desire battery or model/part number for it?
  18. slothrop

    slothrop Member

    i cant work out why the battery on mine is so terrible. i took it off the charger at 11 today and it was at 20% by 2. i then charged it for an hour and it still didn't make it through the day. i'm really not sure why this is
  19. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    The DHD is a BAS470 battery whilst the Desire is a BAS410 - from Google. No idea what the dimensions/contact layout is though. Anyone upgraded who could tell us?

  20. The Hoff

    The Hoff Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, until I removed some (obviously troublesome) apps, I haven't charged at all today, right now i'm on 6/10 bars. I've just checked my battery stats, Android OS is reported as consuming 4%, yesterday it was on 60% and I had to charge twice through the day.

    Do you have Sky News or Skype installed?

    Battery life is now excellent!
  21. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    Post how you obtained it and whats your uptime like in this post with the relevant coding
  22. slothrop

    slothrop Member

    yeah my android os has been saying it's consuming 60% as well. obviously somethings wrongs, it's just difficult to work out what
    argh i don't have either of those installed. anyone know an app that will tell me exactly what apps/processes are using my battery life
  23. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I'm not new to Android and can safely say that the battery life is horrible on this phone.

    A few minutes browsing and a couple of texts this morning and I'm already down to 80%.

    Main culprit - display 68% and its only on 30%

    I think its going to have to go back...
  24. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

  25. Shorty_Gas

    Shorty_Gas Member

    I found Stopping the BBC news app from automatically syncing has transformed my battery life.

    Stopping Apps syncing all the time like weather and news will save a lot of battery, and still allow you to see the new 'news' by simply clicking on the app.

    Recommend people try it.

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