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  1. duskfall

    duskfall New Member

    If your friend said to use app killer in android system,he should get how the OS works before posting stupid comments and apps.

  2. rich19530

    rich19530 New Member

    I have read through the posts regarding battery life with a certain amount of amusement.Turn this off turn that off etc and it all really misses the point doesnt it? Face it this phone is badly designed end of story and instead of filling this forum with posts all of us (including me!) should be venting our spleen directly to HTC.Why they designed a phone which can do pretty much everything but walk into the kitchen and make the tea then use a unibody design which prevents the owner inserting a heavy duty battery allowing use of all the apps without needing a recharge after a few hours beggars belief.For a low to medium user its not a problem but for a heavy user like me this phone is a complete waste of space.I only got mine in January and having fitted a 1550mah battery and seen little or no improvement I intend to get rid of it as soon as possible.I will not be doing business with HTC again.
  3. paul wilky

    paul wilky New Member

    The Problem is due to a Bug and can b fixen by turning on the usb debugging mode in settings whilst charging . The next update will fix this as the Nokia n900 had the Same flaw . Hope this helps ...
  4. paul wilky

    paul wilky New Member

    The Problem is a Bug . If u go to settings and switch on usb debugging mode u will cure it untill the next update hopefully sorts this Problem out.
  5. angelajai

    angelajai New Member


    Just bought HDH a wk ago. Just wanna ask your opinion (any1).

    Previously, ANDROID SYSTEM uses the most %. (80%)

    But now, it uses only 8% while my DISPLAY uses 78%!

    Why the sudden switch?

    My FB...twitter were on as per normal. SMS like 20-30 per day. Since day 1. But the sudden switch is shocking me.

    Any1 knows whether is this the recommended or thr's some problem?

    Advance thx!
  6. zetagi

    zetagi Member

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  7. rich19530

    rich19530 New Member

    Thanks for that Paul.Will give it a shot.
  8. Quatermass

    Quatermass Well-Known Member

    Just for peoples info. I used the app 'Battery Left Pro' and set it for the default 1200mAH battery as well as my Amazon purchased 1600mAH battery.

    It allowed me to accurately gauge battery performance.

    My default battery lasts for ~9hours whilst the 1600mAH lasts for ~16hours.

    I also discovered that just about every app seems to be set to update every 30mins!
    I went through every app like my RSS, email, weather and switched off auto updates.
    I switch off the autosync feature as its a power drainer.
    Now I get a decent day use without sacrificing any feature.
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  9. Leong428

    Leong428 Member

    It really does make a difference. I even purchased the full version to support thr developer. Thanks for pointing this app out :)
  10. AllisonVSC

    AllisonVSC New Member

    I had battery problems when I first got the phone. The CSR who sold me the phone said it could be the battery or the phone, but he wasn't sure. He checked which apps were running and said he could order a new battery as first fix and swap out the phone if that didn't work. Since we had another one in the house, we swapped batteries to confirm it was the problem not the device. The battery still performed poorly in the other phone, so I called and they ordered a new one. I didn't have to go without the phone in order to get a new battery. It does hold a charge much longer now, but I am still having some issues with this phone (GPS turns on by itself and two download data symbols on the left of the top tool bar never seem to go away) but otherwise I am generally happy with it's performance.
  11. Joelzinho

    Joelzinho Well-Known Member

    At first I struggled with the HTC HD to get more then 8 hrs. But I have slowly seen the battery improve. I have only added one ap and everything else is sync to about 3 hrs. I got my first 24 hr shift the other day. And currently today I have had my phone on for 8 hrs with only a 5 % decrease.

    Also, I feel like my wireless wastes alot of the battery.
  12. GoodBoat

    GoodBoat New Member

    I've had my Desire HD for a week now and definatly notced the short battery life. I think I'm going to invest in a 1600mAh battery to save the need for charging during the day.
  13. loulou

    loulou Well-Known Member

    Is it the 1600mAh on Amazon this one? desire hd battery (one bad review says, "it lasted less than the original one in my tests.")

    Double-checking as I keep reading about the replacement batteries being worse/the same or even rebadged lesser-capacity batteries!

    The battery life drives me bonkers (and I've read all the threads and tried all the tips) so I've installed Green Power to see if that'll help.
  14. anqua99

    anqua99 Member

    It's been working for a lot of people including me.

    Open Default browser>menu>settings>enable plugins>change to On Demand

    working miracles for so many of them. and also you notice that ur phone becomes more responsive. It really helps for people who dont use the default Android browser

    Hope it helps. Leave a thanx if it did :)
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  15. DrWoody

    DrWoody Member

    I've had my DHD for 2 weeks now,and yes the battery life is not the best,especially if your a phone/internet junkie like I am.

    I like having my brightness at full,the screen is awesome when fully lit,I like having a live wallpaper.I'm constantly using the internet,checking sports scores,facebook....etc.I like having Wifi on,GPS...etc.

    I bought this amazing phone to enjoy all it has to offer,not to tweak the settings to save battery life.Yes HTC screwed up with a weak battery for such a powerful phone.

    I'm from Canada,went to ebay and bought a replacement 1600mAh battery for $7.50 with free shipping.Problem solved.I don't mind carrying around an extra battery,it's not a problem at all.

    Now I enjoy my DHD to it's fullest,and love it!!
  16. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    No offense, but I just get tired of people who don't know what they are talking about (highlighted part of quote).

    Do you want to carry around a brick of a phone that is double the thickness of the DHD? Or has a bulky back to increase the battery size? I don't honestly think you can say yes to these questions :p.

    And that is my point. Today, we don't have the battery technology capable of both 1) having the portability and flexibility that consumers demand 2) having the power demand that consumers today have.

    Due to these points, HTC and all other mobile manufacturers have to design their phone with this in mind, and have a balance between phone performance and battery performance. Considering all the functions and things that the DHD can perform, and still keep running for 12 hours+ (if these functions are constantly on), with such a small battery, I think is impressive. Yes I understand that the phone does not match the consumers demand, BUT what consumers today demand is IMPOSSIBLE with the battery technology that we have today. It is not possible to have a phone that can do all the things we want it to do, and be portable and at the same time have a battery capacity surpassing 2 days of moderate usage.

    With this in mind, I'd like to say that HTC have done a brilliant job designing and implementing the DHD, and I think it is an awesome phone, with very little flaws. Mostly it is only updates, and as we all known, some of the faults are Android and Google, some are HTC and HTC Sense software. But it is our own choice to buy these phones and use their software. All in all, I'm very impressed with HTC and think they have been doing a great job in the phone industry for the last decade (Yes, before they launched as HTC, they made the system components for various other mobile phone manufacturers, so HTC has been around for quite a while in this market, and are probably one of the better mobile phone manufacturers in the world in my opinion).
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  17. raston_89

    raston_89 New Member

    I was having poor battery life also, but after calling HTC technical support he told me to do a few things, and my battery improved quiet a lot, now i get easily 2 days out of it with moderate usage. I always have wifi on, and i only care about my email and calendar, which i check regularly throughout the day. I do occasional web browsing, msn, good amount of music via ear phones, and bit of news and games of an evening. Probably about 30 to 60 mins calls a day.

    The htc tech told me to:

    idisable the live grass background and change it to the dark HTC carbon fibre one, turne the typing vibration thing off (hint, you need to disable it under sound and also in language and keyboard, touch input, text input, vibrate when typing). Turn the HTC weather clock animations off, get rid of the exchange mail widget and calendar widget (easy enough to just have an icon to the real application on the desktop), change emails from push to every 5 mins (made a good difference), when indoors have screen brightness on a lower setting (i think about 25% is more than fine for indoors), and download advanced task killer ***BUT*** make sure that in the lists of tasks to kill, the task killer is also selected, as you do not want a task killer constantly killing apps that keep opening and starting up, that WILL drain the battery. It is only to kill the un necessary crap that starts up, curtsy of all the apps that you have downloaded and came with the phone. If the app is important it will open again and it is obviously needed. The only apps i have left unchecked (i.e. so they are not killed) are: messages, mail, calendar, java. When you turn the phone on, just open the advanced task killer and press kill. then the un important apps and the killer will close.

    Also, make sure the only active sync things you have checked is your mail, then uncheck auto sync and uncheck background data. Then, open mail, make sure your email is set to check say every 5 mins, then using the HTC power widget, turn on the sync icon.

    also, he said, as my phone was fairlly new, i should drain the battery, turn it off, fully charge it untill the light goes green, and keep charging for an hour. then turn on, use 50% of the battery, turn it off and fully charge it again. Fully drain that, then turn off and fully charge it.

    All up, now i can go from 7am, over night and until about 6pm the next day with comfort on one charge. Before i could only get about 15hrs out of it, now im getting about 35hrs! With wifi always on, BT off, Sat off, screen dim, and 30 sec timeout. Try this and see how you go, it helped me.
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  18. 123.bablu

    123.bablu New Member

    I am using the same phone and battery life is little bit low ,if use call 1hr,massaging and gaming little bit then battery last up to 9 am to 9 pm.If you use browsing it will not last up to 5pm. As per phone application battery life is low.Other then phone is very good.
  19. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Just by turning off 3G and Wireless when you don't need it, I've found this greatly increases battery life.

    Admittedly, I've not exactly hammered the phone but at present, I've 14% charge left and save for a quick 2 minute sync last night, the phone hasn't been plugged in since Monday at midday. Battery Minder also tells me I still have 9 Hours 47 Mins of charge left with current usage!

    I've used the camera a couple of times (pics and vids), spent about 90 mins on calls, 15-20 mins browsing, 25-30 mins playing Angry Birds and about 15 mins reading a book with the kindle app. Also, 30-40 texts.

    I've found that when I got to bed, my phone only loses 2-3% of it's charge with wireless and 3G switched off.
  20. Dark^Knight

    Dark^Knight Member

    I am getting my phone to last a day at max,
    What I mean is from morning 7 till about 7 or 10 in the evening. (approx 12 hours)

    - I am a moderate user, (aprox 10 - 12 mint per call)
    - Use a bit of internet, the phone is constantly on 3G or mobile data network – chat on.
    - Live Wallpaper (just to get the kick out of it)

    I am happy with the time I get although it’s comparatively way below what few of you guys get .
  21. rushads

    rushads New Member

    Lucky Draw?? Don't think it was.
    My HTC Desire HD
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  22. Landrew

    Landrew Active Member

    The battery life on my Desire HD was so-so (usually giving me a day) until I installed a new app called LauncherPro. For some reason, now it drains the battery in just a few hours. The bar graphs which show battery drain, indicate that about 90% of the drain is from the display. This shouldn't be possible, as the brightness is turned down. It is plausible however, as the phone is fairly warm, just sitting on idle. I have been having better results lately by manually hitting the power button to put the phone in standby mode. It may be that the screen is going dark without dimming the backlight. In that case, the display functions in LauncherPro are poorly designed.
  23. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Just got my phone 4 days ago. The first time i plugged it in i left it plugged in for about 17 hours. Haven't done anything to it, just used it the way it came and using it quite a bit, i am at 23 hours unplugged with 34% battery remaining.
  24. ajwconsult

    ajwconsult Well-Known Member

    OK, done my battery test..

    From NEW, after 7 days this is my summary

    - 100% at 16:30
    - 12% at 09:30
    Total time 17 hours

    - Talking = 39m 59s
    - Downloading over WIFI = 1,500Mb (1.5Gb)
    - Display Usage = 2h 40m 6s
    - TXT In = 1
    - TXT out = 3
    Wifi Switched off 01:00 to 08:00 (7 hours off)
    GPS OFF all time
    DATA OFF all time

    Skype Running in background all the time

    Battery does seem to be getting better even after a week.

    I will test the 1600ma OEM next and add here.
  25. zildj

    zildj Well-Known Member

    wow so many great ideas! THANKS!!

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