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  1. Drozz

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    I'm sorry if this has been posted before, maybe I can get redirected to the correct thread, as I can't seem to find it, or maybe I don't quite understand it?

    Anyway, I have unlocked my phone and have been playing around with it for quite some time and I want to now dig deeper into the customization.

    Method of Unlock: HTC Dev Token

    I've installed superuser access and have been uninstalling some nasty bloatware, now that I've done that, I'm interested in a new ROM.

    I've downloaded: Android Revolution HD 7.3 and ViperDHD 2.2.0

    My phone recovery specs are as follows:

    and here is my GETvar all:

    Now, I've been following these threads: HOW TO Manually Flash ROMs and S-ON and want to Flash ROMs

    Which have been linked in the Desire HD forums. From my understanding, I just needed a temp recovery mode installed, not permanently, and I can just install from SD card using the menu inside the recovery. Luckily, I made a backup as per scotty85's instructions (Thank ****!) as my phone got stuck on the "HTC" boot screen on both custom ROM's. I was a little worried I bricked my phone at first, but was able to just restore a backup using the flashboot boot CMD command.

    I can't seem to find a step in which I would continue, to allow these ROM's to actually boot on my device. Like I said, maybe I'm not reading or understanding correctly, but I would love some help on this matter. I have a feeling I am missing one or two crucial steps, and that's it.


  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    actually, the temp recovery method does not seem to work with ACE models for some reason :mad:

    youll need to follow the directions in the other thread,and manually flash the boot image,using fastboot flash boot bootimagename.img

    your roms are just hanging because the temp recovery didnt install the kernel like it was supposed to. :)

    hope that helps :)
  3. Drozz

    Drozz Member

    Thanks for the reply!

    Could you direct me to the thread in question that you are talking about? Or is it the one you have showing how to get into the recovery for the first time?

    fastboot boot ace_recovery_ext_4.img
    replaced with
    fastboot flash boot revolution.img (Revolution is the name I gave to the Revolution HD 7.3 ROM image)
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    the other one that you linked ;)

    it will tell in detail how to remove the boot image from the rom download,and in what order to flash things(my preference,at least,there are other ways to skin the cat ;))

    in a nutshell:
    -pull boot iamge from rom(make a copy so you dont need to open the one youll flash)
    -place boot iamge in adb/fastboot folder
    -place rom on sd card
    -boot to recovery
    -make backup
    -full wipe(data,cache,dalvik)
    -flash rom
    -boot to fastboot
    -flash bootimage
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  5. Drozz

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    Haha, just as you posted this, I did those exact above steps, and it finally worked! Thank you so much for all the help you've provided through the steps, now I can fiddle with my phone even more! Thanks again!

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