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  1. mbk112

    mbk112 Member

    I has got the official HTC car docking station. I have installed a app called Custom Car Home, sow then I put the phone in the dock, bluetooth and GPS starts automatic and I get a simple screen with big icons.

    My problems is:

    1. Then I connect the phone to cars sound system (jack to jack), I can hear some noise with the music and speakervoice from google navigation. Is that normal? Is it coming from the bluetooth and GPS interferences?

    2. I am playing music from Winamp and get directions from google navigation. If the phone is outside the dock, then the Winamp goes mute, then google navigation is speaking and unmute Winamp, then google navigation is done speaking. But then in dock it is mixed the music and speaker voice together, sow it is hard to understand the google speaker voice.

    Michael K


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