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  1. mellisr1

    mellisr1 Member

    Got the phone on Monday and have just been getting my head around it but mainly at home and on wifi
    out and about today and realised it just will not use mobile broadband :confused:
    this is despite it being set (I think) to use mobile internet when no wifi

    I tried to search and it seems lots of people have some sort of problem like this. when I'm in wireless settings and networks and push the connect to mobile network button, I just get a 'connection failed due to incorrect APN setting message' though having looked at it it looks right nothing I do seems to change this (switching wifi off, walking out of range, leaving it on)

    one thing I have also noticed though is I have never seen any g,h, e etc by the signal strenth indicator (which is normally only 1 or 2 bars - i.e. poor). so I assume it's just not finding 3g etc signal, despite the t-mobile website mobile broadband checker saying its been good strength in all the places Ive been today!

    I've also tried repeated power off and on again and airplane mode, then switching this off.

    this is really winding me up now as its a great phone but not if you cant use it's mobile internet functions when out and about.

    Please save my sanity and any help will be greatfully received as cant seem to find answer on t-mobilebroadband help and don't want to call an expensive 0845 number if I can avoid it!

  2. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Sorry probably a stupid question but have you gone through the mobile set up info from the T-mobile site?
  3. mellisr1

    mellisr1 Member

    Geetarman thanks,
    just to check I wasn't being stupid (the phone seemed set up for t-mobile from the start) I ran through the t-mobile connecting to the internet guide for the Desire and set up a new APN as it instructuted - still the same problem

    when I check the network it tells me it's T-mobile, signal strength is (currently) -101 dBm 6 Asu (what ever that means) and its a GPRS network, its in service and not roaming.

    Doh, should I hard reset, but then will I loose all the t-mobile stuff or is that in the phone permanently unless I root it?
  4. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Hard reset is probably the last resort, bit of a pain really.

    Check all the basics, have you got the Network Operator set to T-mobile? Is the new APN you set up is selected? Mobile network option selected?

    Do you have any apps that might be stopping the 3G APNdroid etc?
  5. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Oh other thing if the WiFi is on and there is available networks that you can't connect to you should switch of WiFi and then the phone will start to use 3G, sure it always trys to use wifi.

    So try switching of the WiFi and see it it connect to 3G.
  6. mellisr1

    mellisr1 Member

    unfortunately, I've no idea if I've got an app which is messing it up - just to be sure though I unistalled everything I downloaded, (backed it up first but they were all freebies anyay)

    I also unistalled 3g watchdog just in case. its set to t mobile and the APN I set up. Also, even if I turn off my wifi, it just doesn't pick up a mobile network

    argghhh! annoying me now!
  7. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Sorry mate really not sure what else to try, the error sounds like the APN settings aren't right, probably worth double checking it all again, make sure you haven't missed a dot or something.

    If no one else here can help them may be worth trying the t-mobile forum.
  8. mellisr1

    mellisr1 Member

    Gave up and rang t mobile. Seems to work now. Guy was convinced that my New price plan hadn't applied properly so the 1gb allowance wasn't on so he reset it and hey presto

    Fingers crossed it stays workin
  9. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Glad it's working! Total pain when you can use your new toy to it's full potential!
  10. iik71

    iik71 New Member

    I just want to give my contribution here. I had similar problem with my mobile internet (HTC Desire).
    Finally, I found out that problem came when I started using two different widgets for switching on/off different services. They interfere between themselves.
    Even one of them was adding some strange strings in APN settings.
    So, I cleared the unnecessary strings, and everything stared to work just fine!

    Good luck!


    Don't waste your time, search the ultimate goal!
  11. stevo10

    stevo10 New Member

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  12. erry

    erry Well-Known Member

    also- text YES to 2121- to make sure you are connected to the t-mobile AND orange network- i was only connected to the tmobile one recently and it drained my battery quickly due to the poor reception
  13. Skyblaize

    Skyblaize New Member

    Thanks so much! Haven't a clue about how these things work but this was a great and easy fix for me :)
  14. spookysco

    spookysco New Member

    I had a similar problem today, I lost "data" and every site I tried to open went to instead. Also no apps would work, for example Facebook said "no internet connection".

    After following the information in this thread I could see one APN listed.

    I then did something a little different. I had previously installed APN Manager from the Android Market. I opened it up and noticed the APN listed in settings was NOT the APN that was active. I clicked on the APN that should have been active (the one listed under settings > network > etc) and after it activated things immediately worked again.

    I guess the moral of the story is there are "hidden APN's" that I could not see under settings. They WERE all visible using APN Manager though.
  15. Jon_LTD

    Jon_LTD Well-Known Member

    This happened to me on Saturday for no apparent reason. I went to apn settings, pressed menu and restored the default settings. Everything seems to be working fine now. Weird.

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