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  1. ZohaibBhai

    ZohaibBhai New Member


    I have HTC Desire with it normal firmware version "gingerbread". I am facing a problem that my phone power button does not work either when its display lights turned off, the power button is not responsive to wake it. I googled many forums and search many things but i did not find a solution for it. i put off my battery and then put on to it but my phone starts automatically and still power button is not responsive. please guide me ! or help me out.

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    If the phone boots automatically when you insert the battery that sounds like the power button is broken to me.
  3. ZohaibBhai

    ZohaibBhai New Member

    But there is no any thing happened to it, i mean it place in my drowse every time except when i used it. I have done factory reset to see either it is software problem but same that the button is not responsive.
  4. ZohaibBhai

    ZohaibBhai New Member

    How Can I resolve this problem ??? Please guide me brother
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    If the button does not respond at all it's probably hardware. May just have worn out. Can you use it to turn the screen off when you are booted? If not then that really would sound like a broken button, in which case a repair is the only actual fix.

    If you install WidgetLocker you can use that to let you wake the screen using other buttons. That might give you a work-around.
  6. Tw1St3D090

    Tw1St3D090 New Member

    i bought a htc desire a couple of days ago and yesterday it come up with the same problem i tried everythin to sort it out and nothin but then i let the battery run completley dead (by mistake) i put the phone on charge and left it thinking it would boot itself and it didnt i tried the power button and its completely responsive again so in answer to ur question try draining the battery.
  7. PaddyC

    PaddyC Active Member

    ^^^^^^^ Worked a treat for me!! Thanks!!

    It took two attempts of draining the battery, the second time it was left for around 3ish hours while drained. I read on another thread there can be residual static charges that affect the switch. The phone behaved a little weird at first ie. Like the power button was activating by itself, trying to lock the phone and turn it off etc. But shortly after this I have full functionality back. Happy days!
  8. gidbi

    gidbi New Member

    this is not button issue Iam sure !
    main board is gone !! we fix doezens of this htc and they all dieing around nothing to do agains it !


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