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  1. Pempoelas5150

    Pempoelas5150 New Member

    Hi there

    I recently bought a 2nd hand HTC Desire S, which received a new screen from the previous owner.

    Now, after 2 weeks, the backlight stopped working. Touch screen and fixed keys are working fine, it's just the backlight. Changing brightness, removing the battery and factory reset didn't work.

    Anyone with the same problems?

    Thnx :)

  2. nathanjbray

    nathanjbray New Member

    I've had a similar problem. I damaged my screen once and replaced the LCD. The screen worked fine, besides being very dark and I was unable to increase the brightness. I assumed it was a faulty LCD display so replaced it and had the same problem again.

    Still haven't found a solution, anyone have any experience solving this?

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