HTC Desire S, Incredible S or Google Nexus S ?

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  1. mindwalker

    mindwalker Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Just looking for a few opinions. Living in europe.

    I'm looking into an HTC Desire S, Incredible S or Nexus S. I'm mostly looking into a phone that is sturdy, has decent battery life and can do the bedtime internet browsing, music playing on the go, etc.

    Nexus S. Looks good if a bit plastic. Difficult to get so far in Europe (there's waiting involved). No SD card expansion.. first to get Android software updates.. no bloatware.. vibrant amoled screen. Most expensive of the three.

    HTC Incredible S. Decent battery life apparently. More RAM than the Nexus S and Micro SD card expansion. Looks are a bit strange to me but it's immediately available and is cheaper than the Nexus S. Can be difficult to get upgraded versions of Android... less future proof ?

    HTC Desire S. Same as the Incredible overall, but with a smaller camera and screen. However it has the design that I like the most out of the three.

    It's a bit difficult to decide.. in the end we are at a point where software is lagging before hardware, so in this light the Nexus S seems the best choice as it'll get all updated. However I kinda lean towards the HTC models but then you're dependant on some guy doing a custom ROM of new android versions...

    What's your opinions on this ?

    And since we're talking about a phone, how is call quality in all these models these days ??

  2. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    I use both Samsung and HTC phones. Call quality on both are exceptional.

    I believe you won't lose in all three. I got a Nexus S and secretly coveting an Incredible S and a Desire S (I also got a Droid Incredible and HTC Desire). HTC will serve up the updates, only that it won't be as soon as Google. On the other hand, when an update is served, its less likely to feel as bleeding edge as Google. Nexus means you're Google's test subjects. Despite a few niggly faults though, I truly love Gingerbread, especially on the Nexus One as an update.

    The key difference lies in the HTC Sense. There is both immense good and bad bad about it. In my experience, it can be a great productivity environment on its own, enough reason alone to buy HTC. On the other hand, there are a few things about it that can bite. though all these factors can be judiciously controlled to create a smooth, robust and productive environment.

    I might say if you believe yourself as an Android geek geek, go with the Nexus S. If you're a person who is a professional, plans to use the phone in business and trips or something like that, you know the Blackberry type, the HTC is a better fit.

    When you decide between the Incredible S and the Desire S, it will have to depend on your taste.
  3. mindwalker

    mindwalker Well-Known Member

    That's quite a good insight on my little dilemma, thanks a lot. I see myself as a regular user 90% of the time, but being a software engineer myself and a bit of a geek by definition, I always find interesting the idea of having the latest roms and (maybe) even develop some of my own stuff for the phone.
    But I've seen some guys running Gingerbread on their old HTC Desires but then of course they loose HTC Sense. I suspect I cannot fully evaluate on HTC Sense unless I try it.

    Just that looking at the Nexus S forum in here, some people have complained about GPS accuracy and other little things that might place the new HTC Incredible S slightly ahead of the Nexus S when it comes to hardware...

    I might just play it safe and go for the HTC since I guess 95% of the time I'll be using the phone rather than developing for it..

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