HTC Desire S problem? sighs...Support

  1. Serenity83

    Serenity83 New Member

    1. I can't find or don't know if there is a "video call" option. I read the specs before i bought this ph, and it said it does have video calling. I tried using my hubbys phone to video call myself and it doesn't work.

    People suggested i use Tango or Qik.. but if i use Tango or Qik, wouldnt that mean i can only video call with people who have Tango or Qik? How bout the people who arent using andriods ?

    2. My mms/ gprs setting things don't work. I called maxis, and they said that they dont have setting for my phone, so i have to do it manually. So thats what i did, set it all up manually... still cant send or receive mms's.

    Anyone or someone give me some tips or help. Much appreciated!!
    Thank you

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    To use the front camera for video calls you need to install a video call app such as those you mention, like Tango. The person you're calling will need to have the same app on their phone. Tango can be used on iPhones, so you can call an iPhone from any Android phone and vice versa. There are other apps that do this, but you'll need to check they're compatible with the Desire S.

    Your network provider should give you the information you need for your MMS/GPRS settings, but usually only if they support your phone. Each network provider will have their own settings, so you'll need to give us the name of your provider if you want help in finding out what those are. It should be as simple as getting them from another person who uses the same network with a similar phone.

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