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  1. mailzadzabe

    mailzadzabe New Member

    Hey there guys, I'm pretty much new when It comes to updates and stuff so I need to ask you a quick question - I have a HTC Desire S with 2.3.5 android and HTC Sense 3.0 for a year now..
    Before that, I used to own an iPhone 3g, and when I constantly updated the phone, it constantly became slower and slower and slower...

    My only question is - will my HTC Desire S get slower if I make the update?? Is this on android the same? Thanx in advance guys!:)

  2. urvis03

    urvis03 Member

    Better config phones than the HTC Desire S have become slower after upgrading from GB to ICS(4.0)/JB(4.1). So I guess it will make Desire S slower and laggy too. But the best way out is to try it out yourself ;)

    P.S.: I am still using it on 2.3.6 because I know it will become slower with 4.x on :p
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  3. billynibbles

    billynibbles Active Member

    I upgraded my Desire S to ICS via the Welcome to HTCdev website where I found a generic worldwide edition which was useful if for nothing else but it removed my network's flash screen on boot-up.

    Can't say I've noticed anything bad, but then, can't say I can see many advantages either!
  4. HeathMan

    HeathMan New Member

    I upgraded mine to ICS and there's certainly no degradation in performance. If anything, it seems a little better at animation but that's subjective. A bit like washing your car and being convinced it runs better!

    The Gmail app seems a lot better though.

    My primary motivation was being able to run Skydemon which wouldn't run on OS less than Android 3.

    Go for it!
  5. asif1253

    asif1253 New Member

    i have been using it ics... and it works like a charm
  6. asif1253

    asif1253 New Member

    give it a try
  7. edw1

    edw1 New Member

    does anyone know if i upgrade to ICS, my phone will remain unlocked?

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