HTC Desire S versus HTC Sensation

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  1. Iota

    Iota Member

    Is HTC really significantly better? I have read various reviews and they seem to promote Sensation more than S, despite the increased battery drain and a 30% price increase.

    The dual core CPU is certainly impressive but I'd rather still have the money, still have gingerbread and not have my phone run out of charge so quickly. I'm not bothered by the 8 mega pixel camera, if I wanted to take photos I'd take it with an actual DSLR.

    What do you guys think?

  2. ChromeShark

    ChromeShark New Member

    When you've had a 4.3" phone, it's hard to go back to 3.7". With QHD as well, the Sensation blows the Desire S out of the water when it comes to the display.

    That said, I usually recommend the Desire S to friends switching from iphones or other small-screen devices, most people I know find it a bit more pocket-friendly, and the price more reasonable.

    I'd say Sensation is definitely worth the extra money if you want the best of the best though!
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  3. the_metal

    the_metal Member

    i prefer bigger screens :)
  4. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    I loved my original Desire and it treated me well for 18 months but as soon as my Sensation arrived the Desire just felt like a toy. My upgrade path went from old nokia to N95 8gb to Desire and now the Sensation. After every upgrade I've started to use the phone more and more and as I have done so the limitations start to show up. Screen size is a large issue. The Desire felt huge at the start and when I saw people with the HD I wondered why they needed such an enormous screen. Now I have my Sensation I'll never go back.
  5. slawek371

    slawek371 New Member

    i prefer desire
  6. KTW

    KTW Guest

    battery life or processing power...that is the question.

    uh!...what to chose ?
  7. Tattycakes

    Tattycakes Well-Known Member Contributor

    I would say the importance of a battery life depends on where you plan to use the phone the most. I tend to use mine at work because our work internet is filtered, so I can have it plugged in under the desk as much as I need to.

    I have a sensation XE and the screen is really nice and big, a huge upgrade on my previous iPhone 3G, so it looks great but it is a battery hog, even on minimum brightness. I'm never out of the house long enough for it to matter though as I have no life.

    It's a pretty fast phone, not sure how fast it is compared to the desire but when not being limited by internet speed, everything is pretty much instant.

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