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HTC Desire UAE users

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  1. Anyone here based in the UAE and use a Desire?

    I just bought one yesterday and am waiting for it to be shipped out, and am wondering how you find the phone was to setup with either Etisalat or Du..



  2. gholam

    gholam Member

    Where did you buy yours from? Expansys?

    I'm still waiting for it to be released in UAE as I don't feel confident buying it from overseas for warranty and service issues.

    I think it's going to be released around here pretty soon anyways as htc's middle east website is now displaying it as available product.

    PS. let us know how it works for you.
  3. Handtec.co.uk
  4. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    hello did you get your phone yet?
    i too am just about to place an order from handtec for the htc desire along with some accessories for it. order total is
  6. Got hit for a
  7. CorruptedSanity

    CorruptedSanity Well-Known Member


    hello from Abu Dhabi. Got mine about a month or 2 ago from expansys.

    Love the phone. Much better than any winmo IMO.
    I like to describe Android as the bastard child of winmo and iPhone haha

    Anyways, no issues using the phone via Etisalat/DU. Its like any other mobile.

    In regards to the push mail & pre-paid DU account. Why would you need a paid Du push mail service? gmail does push-mail automatically. And if you're on a company exchange server you can automatically establish a link.

    Thanks to the UAE's telecom body, you dont need to setup sms/mms/data package settings. The sim card registers all this info itself upon startup.
  8. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    thats almost 250 dhs. damn. im sure the customs charge was not that much its just ups who makes some extra $$ out of it. anyways on the bright side the shipping was super quick. do let us know how it works, i was a bit concerned after reading about the dust under screen, sd card issues, audio problem when playing videos etc on this site.

    hope to have it soon, handtech did not send any email saying mine has been shipped. hope they do today.
  9. How did you get your 3g sorted out? Every time I've texted du to 3300, it says they are unable to provision my handset...

  10. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    you should manually enter the 3g settings. it should be the same for all android phones so if you find the settings for some other android phone you can try using that.
  11. CorruptedSanity

    CorruptedSanity Well-Known Member

    Im on Etisalat so everything was automated.
  12. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    try this, i found it online via a google search
    Name = du
    APN = du
    Proxy = <not set>
    Port = <not set>
    Username = <not set>
    Password = <not set>
    Server = <not set>
    MMSC = http://mms.du.ae
    MMS Proxy =
    MMS Port = 8080
    MMS Protocol = WAP 2.0
  13. Thanks.. That works for the MMS, which was automatically setup by the SIM card.

    However, it's the 3g I'm more concerned about. From what I understand, I have to download the data bundles from Du, and that's what I'm having the issue with.

    As far as e-mail is concerned, I have an eim account and use outlook based on my pc. I'd like to setup a push from that.. Any ideas?
  14. gholam

    gholam Member

    I'm thinking of getting one from expansys.
    what was the percentage of duties that you paid?
  15. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    expansys shipping is cheaper, but phone is a bit more expensive.
    final price will depend on whether there is a difference of duty paid when shipped from expansys or from handtec.
  16. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    im not sure if this if for mss or 3g,again found online via google

    Name: Du

    APN: Du
    Port: 8080
    Username: <Not set>
    Password: <Not set>
    Server: <Not set>
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    MCC: 424 (may be something else)

    MNC:02 (may be something else)

    Authentication Type: <Not set> (start with not set and then try PAP if that doesn't work)

    APN type: <Not set> (try none set, may be play with this as last resort if all else fails)
  17. gholam

    gholam Member

    Today I was at Sharaf DG in Ibn Batuta and the sales guy told me that they'll have the desire by the end of the month. I asked him about the price and he said it'll be around 2600 Dhs
  18. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    but will the desire have android market? i have another samsung android phone which i bought officially in Dubai and there is no android market which means i cant download any apps from android market. samsung said none of their android phones in UAE have android market for some strange reason.
  19. CorruptedSanity

    CorruptedSanity Well-Known Member

    You'll see all apps but can only download the free ones.
  20. cheap_deal

    cheap_deal Well-Known Member

    in my samsung android phone i dont even have the android market app/icon in the menu. so i have not even got to the stage where i see the free/paid apps.
  21. Surprising.. HTC Dubai told me they won't be releasing in the Middle East at all..
  22. elyd23

    elyd23 New Member

    Will be getting mine by tomorrow cant wait, i believe you can use prepaid mobile cards from uk or us so you can download paid apps on google market
  23. gholam

    gholam Member

    On thursday I called HTC and the guy said he has no idea when or if desire will be released around here. Then I sent and email to them complaining why they are putting the product in the middle east section of the web site if they are not going to release here. this is what I got back today:
    New Response
    Dear MR.Gholam Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center With regards to your inquiry, kindly be informed that the device will be released soon We invite you to visit the support area on our Web site. Please go to: HTC - Support
    or you can go to: HTC
    select your country and then click on the Support tab. Thank you once again for your continued patronage. Best regards, (Engy) htc
  24. Replay

    Replay Active Member

    Use an application called "market enabler", you can download it from the market.
    It can make your phone looks like it is from the US or other countries so you will see the paid applications too. ;)

    Does the "Voice search" work for you guys in the UAE?
  25. CorruptedSanity

    CorruptedSanity Well-Known Member

    I thought "market enabler" is only for rooted devices?

    Also, you can see the paid apps, you just cant buy them. There is no way to add your credit card info to buy it.


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