HTC Desire unable to read/ write to 8GB SD Card

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  1. chrisjb

    chrisjb Member

    My new HTC desire is unable to read or write to my 8GB SD card which was previously inside my HTC HD touch.
    Why is this?
    I've swapped the SD cards around - i.e. the 4 GB SD card which it came shipped with is now inside my HTC HD touch
    It doesnt have a problem reading or writingto the 4 GB SD card that it came shipped with.
    I would prefer not to have to format the card

  2. Karolis

    Karolis Well-Known Member

    I have swapped my 8 GB class 6 card from G1 to Desire and it worked fine.

    What's the big deal of formatting the card anyway? Just download everything onto computer, format the card, put the files back and that's it :)

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