HTC Desire Unrooting Process (with Illustrated-A walkover for SLCD bricked Desires

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  1. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    Note: The following post illustrates the actual steps necessary to unroot your HTC Desire by running the This is also the method to upgrade the software with the RUU, the last method to fix bootloops cause by a bad boot, and also the way to unbrick an SLCD bricked Desire. Note that another simple method exists to unroot the device, and that is by directly running the exe file of the RUU from Windows. Though simple, this is slightly riskier, since complications with Windows drivers, or a sudden power surge or PC reboot can semibrick/brick your device. The following method using eliminates those problems.

    Unrooting is just one of the steps necessary to unbrick an SLCD bricked HTC Desire. The process is a pain for these users because they cant see anything on the screen and left pressing keys in sequence, whose function they can only guess. Also they need to wait specific amounts of time before pressing the sequences.

    Note: For an (almost) complete guide on Unbricking an SLCD Desire, and for an exhaustive FAQ on Goldcards, see this thread.

    I'm making visible the steps which the Android system proceeds through, when you run a to unroot your Android device. I've also included the time taken before each step while running the WWE 2.29 RUU as The time isnt much different for other ROMs. To be sure, just give it about 30secs more than the time I've noted.

    Initial steps:

    1. Create a goldcard if you want to convert a branded Desire to unbranded, or vice versa, or to convert a Desire of one region (CID) to another region.
    2. After creating the goldcard, format it as FAT32. If more than one partition exist, delete the rest, and format one as Primary and FAT32.
    3. Put the file into the root of the goldcard. Note that the name must be and not Windows has a tendency to rename it as the latter.
    4. If you dont already have the, you can get it by running the RUU, and while the RUU is loaded (dont start the RUU upgrade. Just click on the exe, and when the welcome screen of RUU shows up,) search in your Temp folder for the file Hint: To quickly navigate to Temp, Type the following into the Run window: %TEMP%
    5. To run the, just reboot with Vol- and power button pressed.

    I'm describing the whole boot process below for Reference, though.

    Hboot mode (Vol- & Power key. Key them pressed for a 5-6 secs


    Press Vol- , then w/o releasing it, press Power button + Vol –

    After 3-4 secs, the following screen shows up momentarily:


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  2. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    Reserved for more
  3. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    One more..For FAQs
  4. cdew

    cdew Member

    is this for a alltel cdma desire ?
  5. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Have you tryed reading it?
  6. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    In a word, no
  7. cdew

    cdew Member

    so i guess im dead in the water with this desire cdma phone
  8. kokaine

    kokaine New Member

    I had been messing around with my Desire rooting and trying to flash it when I messed it up. I updated Clockworkmod to 2509 and after this my phone wouldn't boot. It just got stuck at the HTC logo.
    I came across this tutorial and I just so happened to have had the RUU and I managed to fix my phone.
    I just wanted to say thanks to droidzone, this really helped me out of that jam :)
  9. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Theres a thanks button too ;)
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  10. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    My phone is unbranded phone and I didnt bother about the goldcard procedure. But I read the other day that the unbranded phones may really be internally branded and will create problem if and when RUU time comes. Does the CID (that long no in /sys.. ) change if you flash roms? I made a goldcard.img now AFTER rooting, soff and flashing roms. So is the cid valid for creating goldcard?

    Which is the RUU /PB99IMG I should choose? My INFOCID is HTC__038 now if that is relevant. How do I know whether my phone is SLCD or AMOLED and is it also relevant?
  11. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Indian phones are mostly branded (ARA). So as long as you have the correct RUU, no need for a gold card. The CID of the phone does not change. Its hard coded.

    The goldcard image is not actually using teh phones CID. The image is generated using the SD Card's CID. You can actually create one without a HTC desire, in a card reader.
  12. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    Thanks. I am still slightly confused. When you say the phone cid it is htc_038 ? And when u say sdcard cid it is that loong no?
    Any case how do I know which is the correct ruu.
    Thanks in advance.
  13. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The CID the goldcard tool gets is the long number (Actually called reverse CID) this is the long number rather than the one quoted above. The phone CID is what you pasted but this si not used in goldcard creation

    Whats the software version you have? Could be the HTC Asia build which technically is branded too..
  14. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    Hee hee. Small goof up. I didn't note down the software no before I flashed the rom.
    So I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope nothing goes wrong?
  15. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    Managed to retreive my software no. The nandroid backup of sense which I did before flashing rom soon after rooting was lying around. I found system.img file on that. I unyaffsed that and in the top level directory i found build.prop file. This file contained a line CL 274424
    I guess thats my software no. and now all I need to do is locate the RUU.
  16. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    I have two noobie questions about unrooting via RUU (I have tried the forums and excellent FAQ:s/guides on the stickythreads, but I'm probably too dense to understand):

    Does the RUU restore the phone completely to stock including the Hboot partition table, or do I have to do this manually before I flash the RUU?

    Do I have to reformat and repartition my EXT3-partitioned SD-card to a single FAT32-partition before I flash the RUU?
  17. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    The ruu contains the full works including radio, hboot, splash etc. I got a feeling it will just ignore your ext3. But I suspect the goldcard is someway involved.
  18. bgmania

    bgmania New Member

    i have a problem. i copied the to the Sd card but when i enter the hboot i get this .
    No Image!
    My phone isnt rooted .
    I am trying to install the 2.3 update using the Sd Card.
  19. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The name must be all in capital letters. Also must not be

    Also, it on the root of sd, not in s folder
  20. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    Uh, oh... Did you say your phone isnt rooted and you're applying the latest official RUU?

    One word: DONT! You wont be able to root it in the near future!
  21. matthijszz

    matthijszz New Member

    Sorry to bump this, but having a problem with this method.

    I have rooted with revolution, tried to instal cool 3d v3 as custom rom. got me in a bootloop. tried ruu.exe, after that i couldn't get in to recovery anymore, just hboot/fastboot. now i created a goldcard, put pb99img on it, took all steps. it said completed.. you want to reboot? i pressed yes and now my desire is stuck on htc loading screen..
  22. jamsh

    jamsh Member

    I followed these instructions and have been on Gingerbread for a few months now - very clear and even for me, very easy.
    If I wanted to try a new ROM (ICS9), how would I reroot my Desire.
  23. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Using the appropriate guide in the "all things root guide" sticky thread.

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