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HTC Desire V system update issueSupport

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  1. tonysmithts

    tonysmithts Member

    Hi, I have a Desire V Dual Sim, as these are not available in the UK I bought mine from China, it has been a great phone and does everything I want it too. Sorry if this is a bit long but I want you to know the whole picture
    Anyway the problem is, almost every day it tells me that the system needs to update, so I say okay and off it goes. It always comes back saying it looks like you have a modified system you need to download new software Contact HTC Support, so I did using their messaging facilty. Went though what was going on, told him how I got the Phone and he came back and asked for IMEI # at this point I got nervous, as far as I know my phone is not stolen or anything illegal, but I am worried they can turn the phone off,
    So they ?'s are is
    I am being paranoid,
    can i do this manually myself,
    So I get my phone back to standard sytem or am I stuck with this update message every day.
    Any help will be gratefully recieved



  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Tony,

    This forum is for the Desire, which is a quite different handset, but we don't seem to have a Desire V forum and I guess you got nowhere in Android Lounge, so I'll have a go.

    Did you tell HTC your IMEI? If the handset was on a blacklist it would already not work (all UK networks block handsets which have been reported stolen). So my guess (and I stress "guess") is that the worst would be that they decide it's a grey import and refuse support. They may just have wanted the IMEI to check what software it should have. Not an expert on HTC support I'm afraid.

    As for the message, it suggests there is mismatch between the software the upgrade package expects and what it sees. Could be a bug in the update, or could be that some mod was made before you bought it.

    Was it ever branded to a network? I don't know Desire V software, but HTC update packages (ROM Upgrade Utilities, RUUs) check the" customer id" to determine whether they should run, so it helps to know this. If you can find the full software version in the About Phone menu (not just Android 4.0 etc) that might help.

    Note that if you do reflash the phone this way (if we can find the software) it will erase all apps and data from the phone.
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  3. tonysmithts

    tonysmithts Member

    Hi Hadron,

    Thanks for the reply / advice

    It was never branded to a network, I think you are right that it would be regarded as a grey import.

    Android Version 4.0.3
    Sense version 4.0
    Software number 1.59.709.3
    SDI API level 4.20
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    OK, so using that software version number I found this thread at XDA-developers which discusses software update packages for the Desire V. I should add that I've only quickly read through it, and a lot of the early comments are about the fact that it was originally posted in the Desire forum there or concern how to apply the updates to devices intended for different regions.

    The first post links to instructions for finding a software update. However, that update seems to be exactly the software version you have! So I'm not sure there'd be much point following those instructions - it would erase your phone, but chances are it would leave you with exactly the same software you already have and hence may well not solve your problem.

    Post 64 includes what looks like a link to a ROM Update Utility for a newer version of the HTC Asia ROM - since the first post in that thread describes an HTC Asia RUU with your software number I assume that this is the correct regional variation for your phone (if you want to apply an RUU intended for a different region you need to indulge in some trickery). So if you want to try a manual update that would be my best guess from what I've seen there.

    Please note that I've no familiarity with this phone at all, nor with the sources these guys are getting ROMs from (the site I normally use for HTC update packages doesn't seem to have a section for this phone, unfortunately). This is just the result of my doing a bit of web searching.

    If you decide to try this, what I'd recommend is simply downloading the package, which should be a windows .exe from the file name, connecting the phone to a PC via usb and running the .exe on the PC. It should check whether it is intended for your device and refuse to run if not. That would be safer than the sort of thing that people in that thread are discussing. But do back up vital data first, because if the update runs it will erase everything on your phone in the process.

    The alternatives would be to live with the problem, or to ask for advice in that XDA thread, since people there do at least seem to own this device.

    Good luck!
  5. tonysmithts

    tonysmithts Member


    Thanks for all the help and advice, I will let you know how I get on

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