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HTC Desire White

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  1. Heritz

    Heritz New Member


    Im buying and HTC Desire, but I liked the way it looks in white. I will buy it online, so I really don't know about the quality of the materials of the white version of this phone.

    If anyone here has the white version, can you tell me how have been your experience with it? does it accumulate too much dirt? Is it easy to clean, does it decolorate?

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. bigbob2010

    bigbob2010 Active Member

    a girl i work with exchanged her iphone4 for a white desire. a did look a bit dirty tbh...but she was not using any case or anything.

    in my opinion, the black one from orange is the best looking one. with the white, you have a silver band going round...and silver and white dont really mix.
  3. Chemical Al

    Chemical Al Active Member

    Ive got a black one from orange and on the corners the paint has come off from keeping coins in the same pocket, looks a mess tbh but no other phone has suffered this problem or looked this tatty, see what you think...

  4. bigt

    bigt Well-Known Member

    Don't keep it in the same pocket as coins/keys
  5. Chemical Al

    Chemical Al Active Member

    bit late for that now! im not too bothered but foind it dissapointing that all the old phones ive had (variouse SE, nokias, iphones etc) get kept in the same pocket with coins and with no cases on didnt suffer this problem.

    wonder if tou can buy new cases or if its not worth the hassel
  6. jan2lid

    jan2lid Well-Known Member

    Prerequisite to any new phone I get is a silicon cover. They are cheap as chips and there's a lot of designs to choose from.
  7. Heritz

    Heritz New Member

    Ouch Chemical, didn't know the front cover of the Desire was made of aluminium. I guess even the brown version will lose the color eventually if not protected by a case or silicon cover.
  8. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    I'd imagine, because the battery cover on the Desire is rubberised, that it'll discolour quite quickly and get quite grubby
  9. Chemical Al

    Chemical Al Active Member

    yeah, why they didnt make it of the same material as the back bit than goes all the way down by the buttons i dont know, as its a lot harder wearing as you can see from the pic it still looks spot on below the chipped away front section

    the battery cover is rubber covered plastic, this also is wearing away at the top but the bit by the buttons is perfect whatever its made of
  10. StevenChap

    StevenChap Well-Known Member

    My god, what kind of coins do you keep in your pocket :O
  11. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

    How can you treat a
  12. Chemical Al

    Chemical Al Active Member

  13. JokerNJ

    JokerNJ Member

    I've had the white Desire since end of November. Its feels slightly more 'plasticky' than the stock or Orange Desire but I like it.

    It would definitely get a bit grubby though. The 'chin' at the bottom is a bit dirty from being in my pocket/grubby hands but it wipes clean.

    The key though is that I have a Zagg Invisible shield on the screen and a shiny white Case Mate case (around

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