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    Hi there. My partners Desire X has an issue with uninstalling apps. I've tried removing apps via the play store and through the phone settings and it just seems to display "uninstalling" but goes no further. Sometimes when left for 40 odd minutes it will eventually uninstall but with some others an hour can go by and it'll still be uninstalling. At that point we give up.

    Other problems arise when trying to clear out app data and takes ages to display the app size and just says "computing" with which we can't tap the clear data or clear cache buttons until it's done that which again can take over 40 minutes.

    The phone is now running out of memory and there's loads of apps she's installed that she no longer uses but the phone won't remove them and won't allow her to clear out app data.

    I've tried turning it off and back on again, running an app killer program to free up some RAM and even using up the last bit of space to install Lookout Anti virus to scan the phone for problems.

    Other wee niggles she's pointed out are sometimes the keyboard doesn't appear when she's wanting to write a text and when she sends a text it doesn't appear in the conversation until she exits the conversation and then loads it back up again.

    She's getting really annoyed with the phone so I thought I'd see if there's any known issues like this and possible solutions other than getting a new phone.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. kris214

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    It's OK I solved the problems by doing a factory reset on the phone and a format of the sd card. Now it uninstalls apps like it's supposed to and no longer sits for ages saying "computing" when viewing storage information.

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