HTC Desire Z sms Led notification probSupport

  1. fatalpee

    fatalpee New Member

    hey all. so i just got myself the Desire Z . i noticed that the small LED notification light at the top of the phone does not flash when i have SMS's. it does flash when there are emails.

    under settings>display>notification flash the sms/mms option is checked. still no light.

    kind of depend on it to not miss important sms's. before this i was using the G1 till it totally died on me. and the G1 had this function.

    anyone has had this problem or solution for it?

  2. GQBalla

    GQBalla Member

    same problem here.
  3. complex

    complex New Member

    Same problem. Though it seems to be pretty good at flashing the ring around the track pad thing so it works almost the same..
  4. ddtftw

    ddtftw Active Member

    can you explain what you mean? I dont think mine flashes the trackpad when I get gmail. In fact I think I only notice it when i set a timer alarm goes off.
  5. locus

    locus Well-Known Member

    I don't use the alarms on my Z but the track-pad for me flashes when an appointment is due or pops up (calendar). thats the only time I have ever seen it working or flashing,
  6. pmatil

    pmatil Member

    What, the track-pad should flash? I've never seen that or read that it should.
  7. ddtftw

    ddtftw Active Member

    It has a ring around the trackpad that flashes up when you have an SMS waiting or when you set a timer/alarm and it alerts you
  8. Menddles

    Menddles Well-Known Member

    My LED and track pad flash whenever I get a message but only for a few minutes. I had to download "Missed Reminder" in order to get the LED to flash continually but as for the luck.

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