HTC Desire Z's Car Panel + CoPilot Live = possible?General

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    Jun 17, 2011
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    Does anyone know of a way to integrate CoPilot Live 8 or iGO MyWay with the stock HTC Car Panel and/or the Locations app?

    Currently (stock) the HTC Car Panel's "Navigation" button opens a "Route 66". Also in the Car Panel I can "navigate to" any place from the Locations application (again Route 66 or Google Navigation).
    In the Locations app there is a "premium navigation" link for the items, with opens Route 66.

    I'm not satisfied with neither Google Navigation (still not working for my country) nor Route 66 (maps not accurate at all).

    I am still considering a GPS navigation software (CoPilot Live and iGO are favourites). If this integration with Locations/Car Panel works for any of these, this would be... it will be... just great :).

    P.S. Phone is non rooted Desire Z


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