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  1. robbgb

    robbgb New Member

    Hey all,
    Just today I started having a problem with my Desire HD. I've had it for about a year with no dramas at all till now.

    I agreed to update the navigation app and I got a warning about a 30 day free license for premium navigation/maps.

    Now the navigation app will open completely on its own after anywhere from 1 second to maybe 30 seconds at most, of the phone being idle :mad:

    When it opens, it will show the navigation menu (destination/phone/get more/mute etc etc).

    The app is ALWAYS showing that it is "searching for GPS" in the top right corner.

    If I turn GPS satellites OFF, the app will open with a window stating "GPS satellites must be enabled to use location service" and I can only choose "Settings" or "Cancel". Choosing cancel will take me back to my home screen, but it doesn't change the fact that the app will open again in a number of seconds.

    If I choose Settings and turn GPS Satellites ON, it takes me straight back to the app and the navigation app menu where the app is still 'searching for GPS' in the background.

    I can choose 'Exit' from the navigation menu, but the app will re-open itself automatically in a small amount of time again :mad:

    Please help!

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    You might look in Settings/Applications for the Navigation app.
    The app is HTC stock, so you can't uninstall it without root.
    But maybe you can uninstall the update :)

  3. Cigan69

    Cigan69 Member

    This problem is by far the biggest pain I've had with the 2.3.5/ 3.0 update.
    The Navigation/ constant prompting to buy a license/ update the maps/ and GPS Searching is insane.
    I've done the full factory reset although i didn't want to, but the problem was so bad It had to be done, about 12 hours post reset, it started again.

    Locations is basically overiding the phone, everytime the USB Charger or PC USB is plugged in or out the program boots up and takes me to Locations/ Navigations License screen.

    Any help would be superb, this phone was absolutely Bomb Proof for over 12 months until this update, Very Disappointing.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Hi Cigan, I can't remember exactly what the setting is on the stock ROM, but if you head to Settings -> Car Panel/Dock, is there anything ticked?
  5. Cigan69

    Cigan69 Member

    Hi El Presidente, there is no Car Panel option in the settings, or under the Locations heading in Settings...
  6. touk0

    touk0 New Member

  7. Cigan69

    Cigan69 Member

  8. Cigan69

    Cigan69 Member

    Hey touk0,

    Thanks for the link, I have installed the app u referenced, It fixed the speakerphone issue but the Navigation will not stop, and the phone will not stop " Waking up"

    I have called HTC support center and they are nothing short of Disgracefull, They told me I had to Send the phone away internationally, and make a call to " Route 66" The Navigation App designer in China all at my own cost.

    I'll be getting rid of this phone now, and upgrading.

    This 2.3.5 update has been nothing short of a disaster.
  9. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Rather than call China, have you tried contacting Route 66 via email? You should be able to find their contact details through the market (if that's where you got the app from) :)
  10. Soundy

    Soundy Active Member

    I would dearly love to get rid of this bundled @$**^#$ navigation thing and have it use Google Maps if I click for a map in a contact... every now and then my phone does a "pocket locate" (like a pocket dial, except it tries to load the navigation for some contact), and I unlock it to find the navigation prompting me to turn on the GPS... cancelling it, of course, dumps me out of Navigation, but leaves it running. AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!!!

    Is there no way to get rid of this thing without root? I've tried to root my phone and never succeeded... I don't really need it except to be able to get rid of this shyte.
  11. MHCABI

    MHCABI New Member

    Oh great.

    This has just started today on my Desire HD:

    • Constant random wake-ups.
    • Screen now never turns off.
    • Navigation thingy randomly turns on and asks me to do stuff
    • and the phone is now always default on speaker-phone.
    I don't actually think I agreed to any updates either!

    What the h*ll HTC!!!
    This thread seems to have been started in January and there is no fix yet to speak of. Well done HTC, outstanding response once again.

    Ok, so is there any work-around that doesn't involve rooting or making any form of contact with anyone who is in any-way a for-profit organisation?
    Quite frankly I despise these companies (but I need some sort of phone). They have taken a thing of beauty (the Linux kernel) and twisted it into a bitter, insular, cynnical, paranoid ringfence; where sh1te apps that literally no-one wants or needs are forced undeletably upon users. Its not quite as bad as Apple I'll grant you, but its still pretty pathetic. I mean are they that conceited or just plain stupid? And don't say "just root it" we shouldn
  12. Soundy

    Soundy Active Member

    Oh yeah, mine comes up on speakerphone all the time too! AND it unlocks itself after a call, which when I'm on my headset, means a LOT of pocket redials within seconds of hanging up a call.

    Getting more and more tempted to put XDA's Jelly Bean build on it, despite it being incomplete and some broken features... at least I would (hopefully) have a little more control over things starting on their own.
  13. scottyhtcHD

    scottyhtcHD New Member

    I had the same problem with mine for a while, here is the way to sort it as I could never find a solution online and found out for myself...
    Bare in mind if you want to use your GPS there is a chance of the whole thing starting again.

    Its simple, copy all you pics music and media onto another device, sync ya phone with google plus or something like that to keep your contacts.

    Now do a restore factory settings, you may lose your original setup but its worth it, retrieve all your contacts back from where ever you copied them.

    Now the important bit to avoid that crappy pop up gps thingy, if your offered anything at all involving gps, google maps doesnt matter, ALWAYS DECLINE..

  14. scottyhtcHD

    scottyhtcHD New Member

    all the above which I have written solves all issues with speaker phone, screen not shutting down, just try it, you'll be surprised, oh yeah your battery lasts more than a day as well, he he he
  15. geesh

    geesh New Member

    i have had the exact same issues with my Desire HD. Navigation ALWAYS coming on randomly, speaker phone always on, etc. I cleaned the contacts in the microUSB connection with a toothpick, and so far it has solved the problem. It's only been about half a day but no navigation problems and speaker phone is no longer activated.

    I believe there is a pin specifically for car dock mode, in the microUSB connection point, that can clog with debris/dust etc.. causing the phone to think it is in car dock mode. If you clean this out and get the gunk out of the connection point, it should work properly again.
  16. odoq

    odoq New Member

    I think geesh might be into something. Juste cleaned my socket. Problem solved as far as I can see.
    This problem started a night I was using a cable I normally doesn't use.
  17. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The HTC car docks have microUSB plugs with their pins 4&5 jumpered with a resistance.These jumpered pins force HTC phones in car mode and are starting navigation.
    Dirt with fluff into the phone's or cable's microUSB can act like an electrical resistance.
    You've had this issue and solved it with cleaning the connectors :)

    Note that some miniUSB-to-microUSB adapters also have the same pins jumpered for different reasons.
    So using an older USB charger with an attached miniUSB cable, connected to such an adapter for charging a phone with a microUSB socket could trigger the phone's navigation.
    HTC has a warning about this issue in their Sensation's manual.

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