HTC DIAG driver install

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  1. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

    alright I need to change my banner from my holiday message.. lol

    I recently did a fresh windows install and I can't figure out how to install the drivers for diag mode. I can get it installed as an android usb, but this doesn't seem to be what i'm looking for.

    I thought there was a turtorial over at xda but I can no longer find it.

    anyone have experience with doing this? I'm running windows7 x64

    well I got it figured out, followed this thread to get it working

    don't remember how but I had it as htc diagnostic interface before, like in this thread

  2. eigerzoom

    eigerzoom Member

  3. ahmedsaudi

    ahmedsaudi New Member

  4. fegirma

    fegirma New Member

    sweet thx 4 the infor.
  5. KEastSideL

    KEastSideL Active Member

    i need diag drivers for a x64 bit windows xp :-\ im looking i cant find them yet tho
  6. shroombud

    shroombud New Member

    i need help i have the drivers but dont know how to install them im on windows xp, my computer shows MY HTC under andrid usb devices and shows my sanyo under PORTS and only my sanyo shows up in my modes, my htc evo 4g dosent show any thing about htc diag

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