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  1. Ian Ranson

    Ian Ranson New Member

    My phone won't start up any more, after the t-mobile g1 and android logo screens the screen goes black and it doesn't do anything and i have to take the battery out to turn it off.

    Yesterday i had it on in my pocket, when i took it out later it was off and when i tried turning it on it wouldn't start. It normally works ok and i've done nothing to it, what should i do?

    BTW i is running factory android 1.6 (latest UK/EU version) which isn't rooted.

    Thanks for your posts


  2. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    Hi Ian, funnily enough i had this very same problem a few days ago. I tried turning if off, keeping off, charging it but nothing helped. I then decided to do a soft restore and it solved the problem. You will lose all apps on your G1 but your sd card will remain intact.

    to do a restore:

    turn off the phone then

    hold the Home key and the End key for about 20 seconds, or until you see a “triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1″ on the display.

    then open up the QWERTY keyboard and hit “Alt+W” and it will then be restored to factory settings.

    hope this helps
  3. sixpents

    sixpents New Member


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