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HTC Droid Incredible 2 FAQ and ROMs [Latest Update: 11-29]

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  1. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    i thought id make a thread with links to all the current roms, kernals, themes, recoveries, and root related things available for the DInc2. comment questions or roms/themes im missing and ill add them

    thanks devs



    Flashing ROMs: flashing roms is easier than it sounds. DO THIS EVERYTIME YOU FLASH A NEW ROM
    1.download the rom from the link provided
    2.connect your phone to computer under disk drive mode
    3.put the new rom file on the root (under no category/its own file) of your SD card
    4.boot into recovery (via ROM manager or holding volume down and power when the device is off, then selecting recovery) and wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache
    5.click "flash zip from SD" and choose the ROM.
    6.reboot into your new rom

    BETA ICS rom

    *AOSP ROMs

    Liquid Smooth GB
    [ROM] +++ Liquid Smooth ROMS 3.0 FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES +++

    Xplod INC2

    TSM GingerBangVanilla
    [ROM.KERNEL][9.9.11] TSM GingerBangVanilla 1.7 *full rom, new kernel - xda-developers

    TSM PoolParty
    [ROM][9/2] TSMPoolParty v1.2 - 2.3.5 - xda-developers

    CyanogenMod Mirror Network - Powered by TDRevolution
    --7.1 and GApps
    [ROM] CyanogenMod 7 for the HTC Incredible 2 :: V7.1.0.1 (11 Oct 2011) - xda-developers

    OMFGB Custom Gingerbread
    --Version 1.2.x
    {ROM}[Pure Gingerbread]OMGB 1.2.2{2.3.5}
    --direct link to nightlies
    Index of /nightlies/vivow

    [ROM] HTC Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) MIUI.us Presents MIUI 1.7.8 Pure English [AOSP] - xda-developers

    *Sense ROMs

    Twisted Senseless
    [ROM][11/27]Twisted Senseless v1.0.1 - xda-developers

    Virtuous Affinity***TRUE SENSE 3.5***
    [ROM][29-11-11][VIVOW]Virtuous Affinity 1.48.0 based on Runnymede - xda-developers

    TSM GingerMede***TRUE SENSE 3.5***
    {Rom}11.2.11(Sense 3.5/android 2.3.5) TSM GingerBliss/Mede V0.2 (11.8 crt patch) - xda-developers

    RCMIX3D Runnymede***TRUE SENSE 3.5***
    [ROM][Nov 7 2011]RCMIX3D v4.0 [Official Runnymede sense 3.5 android 2.3.5][OC] - xda-developers

    PrimeXL 3D***TRUE SENSE 3.5***
    [ROM][CDMA]-║▌=$Prime XL 3D$=║▌-[A1-OCT20][2.3.5][Sense 3.5] - xda-developers

    BAMF Forever Dinc2
    [GB][4.08.605.3][vivow][Sense 3.0]BAMF Forever Dinc2 Edition 1.0

    Pyramid3D HoneySense *Sense 3.0
    (Will post link when ROM is working, sorry for the confusion)

    Skyraider Team BAMF
    [GB] SkyRaider Zeus Inc2 Preview [2.1 Hybrid] [UPDATED: 08/25/11]

    Runnymede MikRom ***TRUE SENSE 3.5***
    Incredible 2 HD

    HTC Bliss port MikMik *T-Mobile's "MySense"
    Newts Bliss

    Magnolia *Sense 3.0
    [ROM] (8/24/11) Magnolia for Inc. 2 (Beta 1) *Matte Sense, AppFolders, More* - xda-developers

    Desire S 3D *Sense 3.0
    Incredible 2 3D

    Incredible 2 Mix *Somewhat Sense 3.0
    Incredible 2 MIX

    [ROM][8.15.2011][2.3.3] TSM GingerBangVivoW V1.0 *8/18 4x5 workspace - xda-developers

    Newts Pyramid RLS *Sense 3.0
    Newts Pyramid

    BeatMod FlyerSense *Sense 3.0
    [ROM-Dev][AUG 3][Incredible 2] BeatMod FlyerSense | V1.5 | Sense 3.0 | Flyer Port - xda-developers

    BeatMod CyanSense
    [Rom][AUG 4] BeatMod CyanSense | v1.2 | Sense Themed | CM7 Base - xda-developers

    Incredible Sensation MikRoms *Sense 3.0
    Incredible Sensation

    Virtuous Unity *Sense 3.0
    [ROM][8/3/11] Virtuous Unity 1.31.3 :: Sense 3.0 WVGA Optimized (Pyramid 1.35.75) - xda-developers

    Incerdibly Debloated
    [ROM][6-23-11] Incredibly Debloated v1.0 - Rooted w/Stock or OC Kernels - Android Forums

    Inc2 Redo **BETA**
    [ROM]|iNc2_rEd0|TESTERS NEEDED|2.3.5|7/28/11|Version 1.0 - xda-developers

    Gingersense3 stock SnappySlapMod

    Ginger Sense
    [ROM] RMK Ginger Sense r1: *Official* 2.18.605.4 (Rooted/Deodexed/Debloat) [7/11/11] - xda-developers

    Debloated Gingerbread Sense
    [ROM] HTC Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread Sense INCREDIBLY Debloated 7/15/11 - xda-developers

    Incredible S based
    beta 2
    [ROM] Incredible 2 / HTC s710d 2.3.3 ROM based on Incredible S - Beta2 (6 July, 2011) - xda-developers
    beta 3 mirror
    Téléchargement du fichier : IN2_1.28_3.0_3D_V1.1_7.14_signed.zip

    PlainJane (rooted stock pretty much)
    [ROM] PlainJane Froyo for Incredible 2 (Stock, root, busybox, sqlite) - xda-developers


    Flashing Kernals is exactly like flashing roms, but dont wipe your data nor your dalvik cache

    2.3.x Sense ROMs
    [Kernel][Sense] - xda-developers

    Stock Rooted Froyo only
    [Kernel] Overlock 1.65ghz - Froyo Stock Sense Only - xda-developers

    AOSP ROMs (i.e. Cyanogenmod, MIUI, ect...)
    [Kernel][AOSP] Tiamat 1.0.2 | | 7/21/11 - xda-developers

    CyanogenMod only
    [KERNEL] JDkernel Vivo_W v4 (7/19/2011) - xda-developers


    read the link for info on how to get it onto your phone

    Splash/Boot Screens
    Black Splash Screens and Boots - xda-developers

    Thunderbolt Splash Screens
    [Splash] Imported Thunderbolt splash screen - xda-developers


    it is explained how to get this onto your phone, on the link

    [Recovery] Amon Ra Style Recovery for Incredible 2 vivow - xda-developers

    [GUIDE] Flash CWM Manually (for noobs) - xda-developers

    Custom Recovery based on ClockworkMod

    [MOD][RECOVERY] Custom CWM-based - xda-developers

    To Unroot and S-On if you used the alpharevx tool:
    How to restore to stock from AlpharevX INCREDIBLE 2 (vivow) ONLY

  2. robert235

    robert235 Member

    Thanks im trying the miui rom,out of all the roms on my previous android phones,this is best so customizable and so much more.
  3. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    It should be noted that the kingdom ROM has a note that it should not be flashed until fixed
  4. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    good point, i tried to see what would happen and the recovery stops it from flashing so it should be fine, but thank you
  5. Idunno

    Idunno Well-Known Member

    ... that was brave. I was ready to try it out and then I noticed the warning in small letters below, I wonder what the issue was.

    On another note has anyone tried the Incredibly Debloated w/ OC kernel? I am very interested in running this on my friends phone but I am nervous about the 1---> 1.65 ghz jump, can anyone confirm if it is stable?
  6. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    thank you, and yes but something went wrong, when rebooting it got hung up on the htc screen so i flashed a different rom, but im sure it works im just not very patient.
  7. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    i asked that this thread gets stickied to the top of the forum.
    McLovlein13 likes this.
  8. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Your wish is our command:)
  9. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    kingdom rewind 3d now available, will post test results within the hour.
  10. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Just read through the thread and it has major bugs ... No MMS or camera is a big deal for me ... It looks like a great start though
  11. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    sorry i went to a movie... but my results arent too good, lots of FC's and no mms or camera like thetomlin2 said, also had trouble maintaining a data connection and soft keys on bottom dont light up but work, very strange bugs... it looks great, now if he fixes it itll be even better.
  12. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    inc s based rom beta 3 is finally easy to download. check above
  13. darkside

    darkside Well-Known Member

  14. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    yes under cyanogenmod rom there is a kernal, same one, and i agree it is very fast.
  15. Addicted

    Addicted Well-Known Member

    I can't get the phone to get S-Off... I ran the AlpharevX.exe and it brings up the dos screen and just sits and says waiting for device. Am I missing something?
  16. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    do you have all the drivers installed? make sure if you installed drivers by installing htc sync, to uninstall htc sync. the drivers will stay but the program will just be removed.
  17. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

  18. bikedogrun

    bikedogrun Well-Known Member

    New & replacement Dinc2 phones are now coming "already updated" to Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Does that mean no root and none of these instructions will work ???
  19. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    no im sorry i should have been more specific, this is for FroYo only
  20. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    Yup, I just got my Dinc2 today and it shipped with 2.3.3. :-(

    My only hope are the wonderful devs or if HTC actually does unlock it.
  21. DFA1

    DFA1 Well-Known Member

    So whats the best mod out right now that gives Sense 3.0?
  22. le_butters

    le_butters Member

    Anyone know what kernel. To use to over clock and conserve battery. I'm using miui it's awesome but want it to be faster.
  23. darkside

    darkside Well-Known Member

    Try the jdkernal, the link is in this thread. 250mhz/1.5ghz. Plus it has some governors that really help.
    le_butters likes this.
  24. McLovlein13

    McLovlein13 Well-Known Member

    incredible s based, look at OP. Kingdom Rewind will be better when its stable, but that could be weeks

    EDIT: SnappySlapMod is sense 3.0 and is looking good so far
  25. TheDroidLife

    TheDroidLife Active Member

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