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HTC Droid Incredible 2 Help!!!Support

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  1. MikesJam

    MikesJam New Member

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, but I hope no one minds if I ask a quick question :D

    I recently purchased a HTC Droid Incredible 2 from my local Verizon Wireless retailer. It's working like a charm, and I've just recently updated to Gingerbread (currently running 2.3.3).

    A slight issue keeps occuring though... Sometimes, on my status bar, the battery icon turns grey and an "!" appears over it. I know that this doesn't mean that my battery is low, because there is a separate icon for that. I've only opened the backing about 2 times so I could access the SD card slot and install a custom ringtone. I was vary careful, and I don't think I damaged anything. Also, I'm not sure if the battery is defective... it holds its charge fine and the phone doesn't shut off on its own

    I've searched the internet numerous times for answers to my issue, but I've yet to find an answer. All help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance! :)

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

  3. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    On a couple of occasions when first booting the phone I've seen the battery charge level incorrectly detected - the phone thinks the battery is 0% - but after a few seconds it displays the correct level. I don't know if this is what's happening for you though. I suggest taking a photo of it with a digital camera if it happens again and posting a screenshot. It might help if others can see it and you could also take it to Verizon and show them.
  4. RBEmerson

    RBEmerson Well-Known Member

    Try running the battery down - spend a couple of hours with Angry Birds, for example - until you get the "15% charge left" warning message. Recharge the phone completely (play in the evening and let the phone recharge overnight) and see if the problem returns. If so, I'd call VZW, report the problem, and push for a new phone. They're surprisingly easy on this point, although it won't happen on the first call.
  5. MikesJam

    MikesJam New Member

    Hmm... I'll try running the battery down until I get the warning message (I set my power save settings to activate at 20%). If I get the problem again I'll try to take a picture of it, but can you take screenshots on the phone? If so, how? If I keep getting the problem, I'll take the phone back to my retailer and report my problem there.

    Thanks for the help so far! :D

    EDIT: The icon just came up again for about 2 minutes. The phone's battery level is about 80%. I didn't do anything! I played My Paper Airplane 2 for about 5 minutes, and when I exited, the grey battery icon with the "!" came up. It's gone now, but I'm still clueless on how to fix it.
  6. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    Regarding the suggestion of taking a digital photo I meant using another camera. All of the android screen capture apps require a rooted phone AFAICT.
  7. papaandroid

    papaandroid Member

    Or hold the phone in front of a mirror and use the forward facing lens.
  8. kdmagicman

    kdmagicman New Member

    Ok, Here is my question or comment or concern. In the apps there is a program called "Clock" Well last night i set my alarm threw that app. Then later when i went to go back into it. It was GONE. It is no longer listed in the app's. The only way that i can get to it is if i do a search on it. I tried doing a factory reset on it tonight to try and fix it and the other issues that i was having with the phone. The factory reset helped the other issue, but did not bring back that "Clock" icon into the apps.

    So i guess my question is Does any one have any suggestions on HOW to get it back? Cause that is the alarm clock that i use and would like to have it back in the list of app's.

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