HTC Evo '002' FPS Uncapped

  1. SkyintheSea

    SkyintheSea Member

    Released at XDA forum.
    This works for the 002 hardware with the Novatec screens.
    Tested T1 on Bugless Pete rom .4, no more lag on Exzeus and Baseball Superstar 2010, flawlessly played! :D
    The phone runs waaaay smoother as well.
    Max FPS is set at 55, but my evo averages around 52. Close to 60 fps, still a great start!

    Evo capping all graphics to 30FPS:The reason why graphics performance sucks right now - Page 118 - xda-developers

    Post # 1180

    Remember this is still experimental & it breaks the camera function unfortunately. Still great to test.

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  2. scott314

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    Neither handset revision has been "uncapped". In both cases the cap has been raised. It appears that there is still a cap that is halving the frame rate on both displays.

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