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  1. hustard

    hustard New Member

    hi i currently have a kyocera rise and the data is just on network on the sprint coverage map..which means its useless for me lol...i was looking at the evo 3d and it says my area is covered with 3g coverage with this question is why the rise does not have 3g in my area even tho its a 3g phone..sorry im pretty new to cell phones if its a stupid question.

  2. Enroll

    Enroll Well-Known Member Contributor

    Your rise should be getting 3G, have you ever thought of letting VM know about the issue. There could be tower upgrades or I wouldn't be surprised if its just sprint acting lagy. :/
  3. hustard

    hustard New Member

    no i have had it for 5 months and its on 1xrtt network..on the sprint map when i choose the device its just out of reach for 3g..that was my question tho because when i select the evo 3d it is in 3g range and wondered why that would be since the rise is a 3g phone
  4. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Actually, I'm not sure what is going on, but Virgin Mobile only has one coverage map. While it has a link from each phone, they are go to the same coverage link. As such, I'm not sure how you are getting different results.

    Regardless, if you aren't getting 3G now, unless there is an actual hardware problem with the Rise (if you take it to a place marked 3G on the coverage map, do you get 3G?), you aren't going to get 3G with any other Virgin phone.

    One thought: if you aren't looking at the Virgin Mobile coverage map and, instead, are searching for coverage for the Evo 3D, the results will not be valid. The Evo 3D is the Sprint name of the phone, so it would give you Sprint coverage maps. If it shows coverage for the Evo 3D in your area, it is likely due to a roaming or similar agreement and not from a Sprint tower -- and Virgin Mobile only has coverage from Sprint towers.
  5. hustard

    hustard New Member

    ahh.. i was checking sprints coverage maps because i thought it was the same from virgin..well guess ill have to switch bc 5kb dl is worthless ha ha..been 5 months with no improvements also..glad i asked because i would of been disappointed buying the new phone with the same results
  6. hustard

    hustard New Member

    i noticed this morning that my rise kept switchin to evdo for a minute then back to 1xrtt.never done that before and wondered if that could be due to upgrades or what since im not in a 3g area

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