Htc evo 4g on boost?

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  1. kamanut

    kamanut Member

    Hi everyone..... Just wander if I can make 4g work on boost mobile using htc evo 4g and how....

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

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  3. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    I believe if you went to clear (who I believe provides wimax for sprint) you could get a data plan for your phone. but this would be in addition to your boost monthly bill.

    You can not just turn on 4g on the phone and have it work.

    With the advent of boost getting 4g wimax network It may be possible to get 4g working, but I would suspect your rate plan would increase by $5 monthly, which isnt too bad at all. Though I am not sure if they could tell which phone your using and if they could, say your donor is a incognito which obviously does not have 4g they may get suspicious.
  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Yep, I don't think sprint-flashed-boost users have 4g.

    I personally have no experiences with it though, so I may be completely wrong.

  5. kamanut

    kamanut Member

    tx guys .....i bought the evo 4g it was flashed to boost...then i rooted ... just wanna know if i upgrade my plan 4g gonna work?
  6. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    It won't work on 4G.

    Boost is selling the EVO Design 4G as its "top" android phone. Kind of pricey at $299.
    Virgin Mobile is selling the EVO V 4g (evo 3d) for $299 as well. If you want 4G on prepaid, you will have to shell out the bucks. Virgin looks good at $35/month though
  7. panic.exe

    panic.exe Active Member

    im on boost with my evo 4g and when im in the next town over (where 4g is)
    it works fine for me
  8. kryptonyt

    kryptonyt Well-Known Member

    So do you keep the 4G feature checked so it is always searching? If yes, doesn't it eat up your battery?
  9. kryptonyt

    kryptonyt Well-Known Member

    What does EVO "Design 4G" mean? Is it an HTC EVO 4G? If so then $299.00 is not bad for a new phone since Sprint wants 500 plus; or at least the did last year.
  10. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    The EVO Design 4G came out late in 2011. It is a good phone but not great and not good enough for anyone to jump from the OG EVO. Plus, the EVO 3D already came out w/better specs. This did not sell too well. I think it may have a home with Boost.

    HTC EVO Design 4G review -- Engadget

    Good thing about this phone is it will have ICS/Android 4.0 when you buy it and it is 4G.
  11. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    What kind of speeds are you getting? Mind posting some screenshots?
  12. panic.exe

    panic.exe Active Member

    nah, i just turn it on when im in a location i know has 4g. unsure about the battery drain though didn't pay any attention.

    umm im not totally sure the speed but it was very decent, yeah ill be sure to get some screenshots next time i go down there, might be a while though its about a 45 min drive so i don't usually go there.
  13. kryptonyt

    kryptonyt Well-Known Member

    Do you mind saying what you paid for the phone as you got it and what condition it was in. I know it's always subjective unless it is brand new.
  14. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just flashed a sense rom to check if 4G works and it doesn't. It will turn on but when you try to access the internet or even the market, it's blocked by Sprint. So, I don't think 4G will work on a phone flashed to Boost unless you buy one like the EVO Design 4G

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