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  1. mario23vega

    mario23vega New Member

    Hello, my problem is, when i connect my htc evo 4g using the original usb htc cable, it does not recognize that it's connected to a computer it only charges. I know the cable works because I have tried it with other phones, Ive tried using other ports, usb cables and another computer. Can anybody help please???!!!


    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Hello. Welcome.

    When you pull down the notification bar and click the connection type, what happens? You should get another screen asking you to choose your connection type.
  3. jmanbro

    jmanbro New Member

    I just upgraded to this phone and did a software/firmware update. Today I tried to connect to my work pc but the usb icon did not appear on my phone and the pc did not recognize the sd card.

    I then turned the phone off, removed the battery and left it out for five minutes.

    After putting the battery back in and turning on the phone, the usb icon appeared in the notification bar and the pc showed the sd card file directory.

    Hope this works.

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