HTC Evo and Vegas Pro 8

  1. gopens

    gopens Well-Known Member

    Anyone familiar with shooting video and taking it straight to your computer then to Vegas Pro 8 (or 9). I just tried this and the video showed up in the timeline. When I click play, they screen is completely black but there is audio. Any help

  2. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Well-Known Member

    Sounds weird I made it work, erase the file and try to put in your pc again it might work it seen kind of weird that you lost the image but no audio

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  3. gopens

    gopens Well-Known Member

    so you did not have to convert the video.
  4. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I use Nero for it and there is also some other program (forgot the name ) I got it for free and it helps a lot, video don't look too bad in the evo, audio I'm not such a fan of it but I usually put music in my videos so is all good

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  5. gopens

    gopens Well-Known Member

    That might be the problem. I did not convert my video from my Evo. I hooked my Evo directly up to my computer and copied the video to my "videos" folder then took it straight to VP 8
  6. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah probably just try to use a converter for it is easier and you don't loise video quality or at least I haven't notice lol I know there is some people that are crazy about720p on the evo , they want the quality like the flip hr but yeah

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  7. emicarri

    emicarri Member

    I shot video this weekend, copied it over to my computer then just dragged it into Vegas 9 and it loaded and played just fine. No conversion. Try updating you Quicktime software...I believe the codec that Vegas uses to read 3pg files is from Quicktime.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    i have pro 9.0d (build 1133) and i just now took a 20 second video. uploaded it to the computer over BT, opened up Vegas, imported the video and it loaded and played just fine. no converter needed. you may be missing some codec packs that can read 3gp. but im having no issues...

    good to see other vegas users out there!
  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

  10. gopens

    gopens Well-Known Member

    Man I just don't get it. IK was hoping nobody had gotten the to work because I would of simply just converted the file. But now it seems I am the only one with this problem, I have got to get this to work.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. Is there any setting on the phone or quick I need to set. I just shot a 1 min. video in 720p using mpeg4 on the phone. After that I hooked up my phone and grabbed the file from my phone and dropped it in my video folder. The I opened VP 8 and took it straight to the timeline. And again blank screen but sound works just fine. ugh
  11. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    to me it just sounds like your missing some codecs.
  12. gopens

    gopens Well-Known Member

    So where can I find out more about this. Is it the phone or my PC that is missinf the codecs
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Android is locked for codec encoding at this time.

    It's your PC - did you try the ones I'd suggested? Under System Requirements on that Microsoft page?

    Vegas is using QuickTime (pretty good, ok?) as its video engine. QuickTime will accept add-on codecs. Anything QuickTime can process, Vegas can process.

    Your 720p video is recorded in MPEG4 Part 2 (MPEG4 being the popular commercial abbreviation) and is stored in a 3gp container (file type).

    Some add-on packages will tell you what they're giving you by codec name (MPEG4) and some will indicate it strictly by container (file) name (3gp).

    If that codec package from Microsoft didn't work, please get back to me.

    If you're just now loading those codecs here's a debugging step:

    • Open your videoXXXX.3gp file using just QuickTime.
    • If it won't work from there, it won't work from Vegas
    • If it works there but not Vegas, sounds like you need a Vegas upgrade

    Those are my best suggestions - marctronixx, would you concur?
  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    PS - Your symptoms strongly indicate you have support for the H.263 codec - that's also stored in a 3gp container file and that's why you can open the file and get timeline and audio.

    Anyway - that's what I suspect.
  15. emicarri

    emicarri Member

    hey gopens, this is definitely a codec issue...

    did U check to make sure ur Quicktime is updated to the latest version? if yes:

    do u have the community codec pack installed?
    if no, get it here:

    install that community codec pack (select all default options) and then restart ur computer. once it restarts, try loading the file 3gp file into vegas.

    my computer is fairly new, i only use it to video installed vegas, then quicktime, then community codec pack and vegas opens pretty much all files (except mkv). so hopefully that will fix your issue.
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