HTC EVO locked out too many pattern attempts?

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  1. Applesucks

    Applesucks New Member

    It seems that EVO has the same bug as other HTC phones with the unlock screen pattern. If you set the unlock pattern and have it locked you may have to reboot the phone.

    I had to do this last night because even though I was using the proper gmail and password it wouldn't unlock the phone.

    The Sprint rep could do nothing to help. Make sure to back up the phone prior to setting up an kind of unlock pattern.

    After the reset I tried to recreate the problem but now works but only after losing everything on the phone.

  2. tsalameh512

    tsalameh512 Member

    well for the future and anyone else...if you have a gmail put it in but instead of using your password type (null) with out parentheses it should let you create a new lock pattern
  3. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    What? I've entered the lock pattern wrong plenty of times and it gave me nothing more than a 30 second wait before I got another chance to enter it.
  4. Corbett

    Corbett New Member

    I have the same problem with my HERO. I had it in my pocket and I guess the movement caused it.
    I also tried the null trick but no go.
    I am reading posts to try to keep from resetting.
    Wish me luck.
  5. xarin

    xarin New Member

    Just did it today for one of may Friend on his EVO.

    After too many attempts, he pressed the button "Forget pattern" and could not log in with his credentials.

    First, we verified that his credentials for Google account were correct ant that lead me to idea, that it must be in Upper/Lower case mix.

    instead of putting "" he remembered that he put in "" when he initialized the phone for the first time and it worked.

    After keying in the email with correct capitalization, we were offered with pattern changing screen.

    So, remember, if logging to google over the web, capitalization does not matter. But when recovering forgotten pattern, YOU HAVE TO USE EXACT CAPITALIZATION as you did when initialized the phone.

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