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  1. singlecamin

    singlecamin Member

    im trying to flash my htc evo to boost mobile .. im using the zte warp as a donor phone Problem is its not showing up on the com port in device manager ..can the warp be ported ..wondering if any you guys has the zte warp as a donor phone with your evo on boost ..

  2. singlecamin

    singlecamin Member

  3. abrawner

    abrawner Active Member

    No.. ZTE warp doesnt wor k; the best phone to use is the Sanyo incognito. For some reason, it gives the best 3g speeds.
  4. singlecamin

    singlecamin Member

    thanks bro appreciated it
  5. abrawner

    abrawner Active Member

    Hey, no problem happy to help. (click the thank you button if you really mean
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  6. dhocks2

    dhocks2 New Member

    The ZTE warp DOES work. Type in *983*87274# and hit diag only.
  7. gadgetdaddy

    gadgetdaddy Member

    Does it let you read all nv items in cdmaws?

    And what drivers to connect in DIAG?

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