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  1. ajpopoca88

    ajpopoca88 New Member

    When i try to unlock the screen to use my phone it stays black.. the menu buttons light up and if i slide it open the qwerty lights work but the screen still doesnt work. I have to reboot the phone.. whats wrong???
    Oh and to add. I had to turn the settings to never let the screen time out or else it doesnt come back on.

  2. kylehilton92

    kylehilton92 New Member

    I have one with the same exact problem, were you able to fix it? and how?
  3. hesawyer

    hesawyer New Member

    same problem. been looking everywhere for a solution. it has to do with the screen brightness... you need to make it higher. but when i slide my keyboard... shuts off. and i have to pull the battery twice
  4. Steven151

    Steven151 New Member

    My phone has the same problem. The backlight won't turn on in either mode, my touch screen stopped working a while ago so the front four touchscreen buttons don't work. I would at least be able to text just using the slide out keyboard, but since the backlight won't turn on at all anymore. Has anyone found a way to get backlight working again?
  5. sig sauer

    sig sauer Well-Known Member

    Had the exact same problem. Took the phone to my local Sprint store and they replaced the screen in about an hr. Phone now works perfectly. I thought they were gonna replace it with a refurbished unit.

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